Do you charge for a 3D kitchen design?

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Written by Wednesday, 03 April 2013 21:25;
Published in Weizter FAQ;

No, we do not charge for our 3D kitchen designs. Our designers are equipped with the very best software and hardware available costing in access of R80,000 per designer all geared to provide you with the very best imaging and visualizations possible. 3D designs can be view from any angle, colours can be changed, different levels of photo realism can be set, cupboard doors and drawers can be opened, animations can be created and a large number of other creative design tools are available. Despite our capital investment per designer, we provide our design work free of charge. Whilst many other companies understandable charge a fee for their design work, we only get paid for our efforts should you award us the business. We subscribe to the "no solution, no reward" method of design work.

Whilst we are on the topic of 3D kitchen designs, have a look at the image below. No, it is not a photograph of real work - this images is a typical 3D computer rendering. The first kitchen computer design software became available during the late 1980's and the best these software applications could do was render wire frame 3D designs. Although it was a huge step forward assisting customers to visualise their kitchens before purchase, it pales in comparison to the latest top end 3D rendering software applications. Our very expensive top end software is capable of rendering near photo realistic quality designs. Granted, to render these kind of quality images, require many manhours of extreme detail work and in addition, some very serious top end computer power.


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