Do you cost your kitchen cabinets per linear meter?

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Written by Wednesday, 03 April 2013 21:28;
Published in Weizter FAQ;

Weizter do not cost kitchen cabinets, bedroom cupboards, vanities or home studies by the linear meter or volumetric meter. No costing by linear meter or volumetric meter can ever be accurate or precise. Costing in such a manner is simply irresponsible and potentially disastrous for both customer and company. Only lazy and/or incapable designers resort to such costing methods. Knowing the shortfalls of such inaccurate costing methods, such designers make sure that they are not on the losing end. If they are not on the losing end, then by definition, the customer is on the losing end. Weizter arrives at a final price by means of in-depth consultation, proper designing, preparing exact bills of materials and then after conducting a detailed computerized costing.

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