Do you do cabinets in a flatpack or knockdown system?

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Written by Wednesday, 03 April 2013 21:32;
Published in Weizter FAQ;

All cabinets supplied by Weizter are fully assembled and constructed. Some designers mislead unsuspecting customers by proudly proclaiming and recommending flatpack or knockdown systems. They do not inform the customer of the drawbacks! A flatpack or knockdown system means that the components required for a particular cabinet is all supplied loose and are in basic component form. This means that the customer or installer must attend to the assembly of each and every cabinet purchased - on site. For the laymen, this is a very daunting task at best! Not only is the task daunting, complex and very time consuming, it is also fraud with potential things to go wrong; components are short supplied, components go missing, unclear or incorrect instructions. When things go wrong as detailed above, it leads to delays and additional expenses, time wastage and a whole heap of frustrations.


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