How can you give a Lifetime Warranty?

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Written by Wednesday, 03 April 2013 21:57;
Published in Weizter FAQ;

This is also a question asked by most of our competitors. The answer is quite simple! We have confidence in our products. We use time tested manufacturing methods based on value and quality. When we started with our LifeTime Warranty back in 1998, it caused our competitors to resort to ridicule making cheap snipes whenever they could;

  • "You can’t afford such a burden, you’ll close down!"
  • "You will not be able to keep giving such warranties!"
  • "If you close down, that warranty will mean nothing!"

We proved them all wrong! We are still doing business, only much stronger than back in 1998. Since 1998, every single customer received a LifeTime Warranty - without fail. And yes, warranties are only as strong as the company issuing them. The point is that all our customers from 1998 to date, enjoys the benefits of our LifeTime Warranty. This is far better than having a nebulous warranty of only 6 to 12 months! Or worse still, nothing at all!



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