How much does granite worktops cost?

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Written by Wednesday, 03 April 2013 22:01;
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There are more than 1500 different natural granites available worldwide, of which more than 300 are available and sold in South Africa. The majority of these 300 granites are imported from around the world. In addition, there are about 40 different colours of man-made granites available. Prices for granite vary substantially due to mining and transport costs, currency exchange rates and import duties, distributor costs and profit margins, etc. Locally mined granites are generally less expensive than the imported varieties. It is not unusual for certain scarce granites to cost up to 8 times the price of it’s cheaper cousins. Granite worktops are normally 30 mm thick but certain granites are also available in a 20 mm thickness. Contrary to what some designers will inform you, the use of 20 mm granite has very little to do with the latest in style or design - rather it has everything to do with costs. Although 20 mm thick granite has been available and in use for a number of years, it is far more likely to crack and break than the 30 mm thickness. Although the 30 mm granite is 50% thicker than the 20 mm granite, it does not cost 50% more - at worse, the cost difference is only about 20%.

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