What is “Quote on Demand”?

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Written by Thursday, 04 April 2013 14:31;
Published in Weizter FAQ;

“Quote on Demand” means that Weizter is geared and able to provide you with a comprehensive quotation during our first initial consultation. This means that you do not have to wait for weeks on end to receive a price. Neither do you have to experience frustration delays waiting for the designer to finally prepare your design and subsequent quote. Weizter’s designers are all equipped with the latest hardware such as PC’s and laptops to do a complete design during the initial consultation. Our state of the art software allows you to view your design in full 3D and from multiple directions. Our proprietary and exclusive costing software create complete and comprehensive quotations on the fly. Want to look at another finish or colour? No problem, a new quote within seconds! What about another door or granite? No problem, all done as quick as flash!
This is the ultimate design service available! Anywhere!


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