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How to Maintain a Minimal Style in Your Home

How to maintain Minimal Kitchens
Creating a minimal home is simple right? While maintaining that simplicity becomes that’s a different story. Inevitably clutter appears and builds up over time but how we manage this is important when it comes to maintaining a home that is sleek and fuss free. One may love the minimalist look but struggle to maintain it. Try adapting these useful habits:
Habit #1: De-clutter the little spaces regularly. Doing a major spring clean can be daunting and time consuming, so we tend to put it off for as long as possible. A simpler and more achievable task is to target the various areas of your home, one at a time. Set aside 20 minutes to clean out a specific space, this way clutter is avoided.
Habit #2: Wash your dishes straight after you’re done using them. Don’t leave a sink full of dirty dishes, they pile up and create a mess. It makes sense to clean your dirty dishes as soon as you’re finished using. This is more hygienic and avoids unnecessary clutter.
Habit #3: Organise your mail. We all have that spot in our house – the kitchen counter, entrance hall dresser, bedside table – where our mail inevitably piles up. Don’t be tempted to sort through all your mail at the end of the month but rather go throughout immediately. That way you can throw away what you don’t need and put the rest away for safe keeping.
Habit #4: Clear off counter tops. You can have the most beautiful appliances in your kitchen and your beauty products can be neatly lined up on your bathroom sink but if you have too many things on your countertops, your home will inevitably look untidy and cluttered. Organise your cabinets and drawers making sure there is a place for every item when you’re not using it.
Habit #5: Only take in things you love. Do not buy just anything on a whim – ask yourself if you absolutely love it or if you will use it often. Think twice before making purchases and don’t let gifts or other items stock up, if it is not for you then you should purge.

Minimalist Kitchens

Minimalist Kitchens are the way to go. Minimalism has become a popular look for designers, a go to and for good reason. It’s the ideal way to style a home without having to worry too much about statement pieces or colours clashing, although not making it any easier to design. Using world renowned architect's philosophy of Mies Van Der Rohe - "Less is More". One major thing we’re seeing lots of is minimalist kitchens. The minimalist trend requires you to declutter and keep it that way – which can initially be problematic in a kitchen – but once it is mastered, the outcome is most favourable. This approach also works in any area of your home.
A very common misconception is that minimalist means your space is inherently white or cold. A minimalist kitchen can retain a soft feeling depending on the colour scheme. Soft pale pink tones, light metal accents or a subtle addition of colour can break that cold aura. You don’t need to keep everything the same if you’re going for minimal. Your personality can shine through with a pop of colour or a mix of materials. Or one can go completely dark making a statement but continuing with less is more. A contrasting element would be that of warm yellow lighting.
Although minimalists like to keep things as bare and clean as possible, something as unglamorous as a sink can still be on display. Minimalist kitchens are simple and functional. One should never be afraid to inject a little luxury into your kitchen, even in a minimalist kitchen. There’s always a time and place for a little colour blocking. A kitchen can be kept minimal and still have fun with various accents.
However there is always beauty in simplicity!
Minimal Kitchens

Your Kitchen - Your Style - Your Memories

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Your Kitchen - Your Style - Your Memories - Design trends for 2018/19
“Your Kitchen” where memories are made. A space which evokes our human sensory perceptions. Like the feeling we experience at the sight of lush green vegetables, the soft touch of a beautifully ripened juicy tomato, the sizzling sound as a steak hits the pan, the fragrant smell of spices as they travel throughout our homes and finally the taste. The delicious taste explosion experienced by our taste buds.
This experience created in our kitchen is influenced by the design of our kitchens. The pleasure of cooking brings friends and family together to enjoy in these moments, it is the heart of our homes and the core to which the style of the rest of our home follows.
New kitchens are designed to create comfort and pleasure, yet they still manage to be stylish. Mundane ordinary kitchens have departed, and our design ability has become almost limitless. A great amount of detail is placed on its functionality as well as aesthetic satisfaction which is unique to every individual and home - creating and setting design trends.
Thoughtful trends for 2018/19 to help you create your beautiful kitchen:
Pops of Colour - A pop of colour adds a focal point and creates interest in the design. It is reflective of the user’s personality and style.
Elegant Pastels - A subtle hint of colour draws the eye in a calm gentle manner, creating a delicate relaxed environment. Less extreme yet still highlighting the features within the kitchen.
Shades of Blue, a Blue Monday Never Felt so Good - The most popular colour to hit the kitchen. From light and soft to dark and rich. Making a statement whether it be dramatic or subtle.
Warm Wooden Neutrals - Monochrome timber kitchens with gold accents are welcoming, inviting one’s guests into the kitchen becoming an intrinsic part of the space. A warm environment is created simultaneously a timeless design is manufactured.
An Island Life - The size and layout of the kitchen influences the design of one’s island and the island becomes the gathering point within it. Over the years the design limitations have become minimal to none, allowing the creation of a unique multi-functional space in the kitchen. Islands can be singular, double, connected, multi-levelled, minimalistic, dynamic, rigid etc. The design variety is endless.
Shelving & Display - The juxtaposition of horizontal and vertical lines creates a statement and planned areas for display. Showing off the owner’s personal style through colour, ornaments, plants, crockery, books etc.
Contemporary Country Style, Shaker it Up - A modern take on the typical ornate country style kitchen design has emerged. The shaker door being its instrument to add depth in a very subtle manner.
Handles Make a Comeback - Handles are back with a contrast. Gold, brass, rose gold, copper, etc. stand out against the modern door. Beautiful and ornate.
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Concealed & Hidden Lighting - Hanging lights over the island continues to be prominent. However concealed and hidden lighting create a mysterious atmosphere and is emerging in popularity. Highlighting the wall cabinets with lights. Lighting is key to any design, it helps to highlight and accent the design by reflecting off the material finish.
Multiple Ovens - Multiple ovens are efficient and functional for your typical home MasterChef whilst adding an aesthetic feature creating a statement look.
Brass - Accessories, fixtures, fittings. Modern yet old school. It adds character to the space through the taps, doors, handles, ovens, sinks etc.
Industrial Look - The industrial style is very robust through its design and finishes. Metal and concrete effects make the kitchen unique and brings various unexpected textures.
Patina Finish - Treating metals to create interesting patina finishes, resulting in a personalised kitchen. This is quite popular with home owners wanting their one of a kind finish.
Green Living Walls - Green walls bring in nature and life. A living wall can be functional through the types of plants used on the wall, this can be useful herbs and vegetables. Or aesthetically through beautiful flowers and plants. There is an immediate calming effect which nature/ greenery brings to a space.
Contemporary Appliances - Appliances can depict the style of the kitchen as well. Through its design or colour, for example pastel or vibrant coloured appliances will set a different mood.
Veneers - Veneers add texture and character. This finish naturally makes an impact.
Countertops - Granite is not the only option. Durable long-lasting quartz are also popular with concrete or marble effect surfaces becoming more dominant.
Design trends are helpful guidelines however one should bear in mind that design is constantly changing. Design trends change depending on influences at that specific era in time. Style is created by how you choose to manipulate current trends. As a client or home owner your kitchen should reflect your own personal style creating a mood or feeling which eases one into a comfortable space. Most interior designers have a vision. They take the lead and help guide the outcome of your kitchen bringing it to life - that is after all their job. Take heed to their advice but know your style and design preferences so they can create your timeless space and you can create a lifetime of memories.
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Weizter launches new website

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Weizter launched it's new modern website today! Things change rapidly in this digital age and it is important that Weizter keep pace with the latest trends and technology. The new website reflects the latest design trends, new programming developments and a whole bunch more viewer interaction. The new website is one of the very best there is to see in South Africa and we at Weizter are proud to lead the way.

The new website bears very little resemblence to the previous website neither have we copied over all the previously written magazine articles. Instead, we will write new and fresh content for this magazine section.



Make it Modern


Keep the feel relaxed with a large, sleek and glossy island unit. This prime example sits serenely at the centre of its light and bright surroundings, complementing the modern kitchen scheme beautifully. The island provides a welcoming place to sit, eat and talk, with its extended bar and matching dark-chocolate seating.

Keep your island worktop clean and uncluttered and add a pop of colour with bright lampshades suspended above.




Use an island to demarcate function


Place an island ingeniously and it’s possible to separate the food preparation zone from an intimate dining area, whilst also preserving that all important open-plan feel.

In this fabulously modern space, the creamy cabinetry and luxe hi-gloss textures bring a sense of cohesion to a wonderfully spacious, light and airy kitchen-diner, with colour and design leading the eye past the confines of the interior to the outdoor space beyond.