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Weizter is a dynamic company in a ever changing world of moden kitchen design. Around ninety percent of our materials are imported from Germany. Projects are designed by professional designers working with the latest CAD and 3D software. These designs are created and manufactured in our Johannesburg and Cape Town factories.

{Weizter} {Kitchens}
{Weizter} {Kitchens}

No delay designs

Although 3D design software are fairly common place, Weizter offers customers a unique "no delay" 3D design service. Our designers are all equipped with laptops and 3D design software allowing designs to be made in your presence at the very first meeting. Weizter spend a small fortune on software and hardware allowing our designers to generate designs and quotes on the spot. Weizter delivers full 3D designs on the spot with total customer involvement resulting in no customer delay, frustration, re-designing nor any surprises.

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Not satisfied with human calculation, bill of material and factory job card errors, Weizter developed it's own unique and proprietary costing software.

This unique software allows error free calculations and allows for total factory job card automation. This software removes many links in the manufacturing chain resulting in far greater accuracy and less problematic experience for our customers.

This is a huge and massive advantage over other companies who fail most of their customers in this regard. Weizter delivery and installations therefore run much smoother and quicker than found anywhere else in the industry.

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Weizter successfully completed more than 79,000 projects since it;s startup date back in 1993.



Weizter also received more than 156,000 customer enquiries for cupboard projects since 1993.



Weizter processed an estimated 77,000 metric tons of material through it's factory since 1993.

Professional management

Unlike other companies where the design consultant is also your PRO, communicator, problem solver, co-ordinator and production clerk, we have a full professional team taking care of your project. Yes, it is more expensive but it is a far superior service than letting our designers become "Jacks of all Trades".

Designers are busy, constantly in meetings with new customers, mostly out of office and not always available on their mobile phones. Weizter customers do not have to deal with frustrating delays in call backs, receiving update reports, getting answers, results or simply getting things done. Most other kitchen companies save costs by having their designers take care of all these duties - normally resulting in a frustrating and disastrous experience for the customer.


Nothing frustrates a customer more than the lack of adequate and proper communication. To this end, Weizter have extensive communication procedures ensuring that customers are well advised and informed.

We invested heavily in all modern communications systems and staff to allow effective communication between company and customers. Our customers know what and when to expect things without the frustration of waiting for answers.

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{Weizter} {Kitchens}

During 1996, Weizter took a unprecedented step and introduced a 10 Year Warranty of all it's products. This was at a time when the industry only felt confident enough about their products offering their customers a 3 to 6 month warranty. To this day, Weizter's Lifetime Warranty remains unmatched by any other kitchen company - their warranties do not even come close!


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As might be your experience right now, if you are about to redo your kitchen, not a single kitchen company will buy your old cupboards from you. This is why you seriously need to consider Weizter for your new kitchen as we guarantee our customers that we will buy back their kitchen in 12 years from date of purchase.

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Weizter is the only kitchen company in South Africa (if not the world), which issues all their customers a written 100% Money Back Guarantee in the event of failure on our part. Not only that! This guarantee also specifically states that you may keep our product for yourself in addition to us refunding you 100% of the money you have paid.

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