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Guarantees and Warranties


Weizter hereby extends a 10 (ten) year warranty against latent defects in factory workmanship (not material nor installation of the goods) from date of Main Sign-Off, only in respect of the goods specifically manufactured by Weizter itself. All materials, workmanship and goods supplied by Weizter’s suppliers and installer site installation work are specifically excluded from this warranty. This warranty is limited and specifically excludes any loss or damage suffered caused by misuse or abuse, improper use, or normal wear and tear of and water damage of any nature to the Goods. Weizter does not warrant the Goods to be fit for a particular purpose. Furthermore, this is not a warranty of merchantability.

In the event of a claim, Weizter shall within its sole discretion decide if it is a valid claim or not, and if Weizter decides that it is a valid claim it shall within its sole discretion, either rework or repair the defective workmanship, or refund any part of the Purchase Price. The Client shall have no further claims after Weizter has made its decisions in terms of this clause.

When the Client wishes to claim against this warranty, the following must be produced by the Client at the physical address of Weizter, failing which Weizter shall have no obligation to replace or repair the defective Goods or refund the Purchase Price:

  • proof of identity,
  • original Tax Invoice,
  • and the defective goods,

provided that if the Client is not able to deliver the defective goods for the reason that it is immovable, Weizter shall inspect the goods at the Client's premises on the expressed condition that the Client shall pay for the time and travel expenses incurred by Weizter in so inspecting the defective goods. These expenses shall be paid within 7 (days) of demand by Weizter. This warranty is non-transferable and is only valid in the hands of the Client.

What is included

  • Weizter factory workmanship
  • Weizter factory assembly
  • Weizter factory manufacturing
  • Free inspection at Weizter factory premises

What is excluded

  • Any/all products not manufactured by Weizter
  • All products supplied by thrid party suppliers
  • Water damage
  • Wrap doors
  • Stoneworks and the installation thereof
  • Site installation work
  • Damage due to use or abuse of product
  • Maintenace work, eg; hinge adjustments, drawer adjustments, etc.
  • Call Out Fee - travel expenses to inspect goods at installation address
  • First make sure that your warranty claim is covered and related to factory workmanship - supplier goods/materials are not covered by this warranty.
  • Contact Weizter regarding your warranty claim.
  • If possible, bring the goods to Weizter factory premises.
  • If not possible, a Call Out Fee will be levied for Weizter to travel and inspect the goods.
  • Upon inspection, have the following documents available; your identity document, your Weizter Tax Invoice and the defective goods.


Weizter prides itself on the quality and price of its superior products, finishes and services which cannot be matched. Weizter therefore has no hesitation in providing its undertaking to match any written quote in respect of the identical goods and services by any other reputable supplier, provided that the quote is for the exact same goods and services in all respects including but not limited to the dimensions, manufacturing standard and finishes. This Best Price Guarantee is only valid for a period of within 7 (seven) days from the date that the Client signs this contract and this Best Price Guarantee will lapse and become null and void after the said 7 (seven) day period.

What is included

  • Weizter will better any written quote

What is excluded

  • Products which are not comparable or sub standard
  • Services which are not comparable or sub standard
  • Standards and specifications which are not comparable or sub standard

This is why Weizter issues a Best Price Guarantee. However, we need to compare apples for apples. For the non professional, quotes can be very misleading. There are numerous subtleties which can greatly affect quoted prices - materials specifications, colours, supplier goods, fittings, draw runners, stoneworks, etc. To do an apple for apple comparison, we need the design, colour and material specifications and the official quoted price. We stand by our Best Price Guarantee - we will improve upon any wriiten quote from a reputable supplier.


Weizter undertakes to purchase from the Client all the cupboard goods which the Client has purchased from Weizter after 12 (twelve) years at 25% of the original material price (excluding installation charges, VAT and delivery charges) provided the Client is able to furnish Weizter with proof of purchase and subject to the Client purchasing new goods in an amount of at least 200% of the original contract value or similar design to the original kitchen sold. Material items specifically excluded from this Buy Back Guarantee are sinks, appliances, tiles, chairs, "smarthome" gadgets, computers, software, lights, plumbing, stoneworks and tapware. Should Weizter sell the property, this Guarantee is transferable to a new owner, alternatively, the Client may exercise his rights in terms of this guarantee in any other subsequent home purchased elsewhere.

What is included

  • A discount equal to 25% on the material value (cupboard goods) previously purchased from Weizter

What is excluded

  • Sinks, appliances, tiles, chairs, "smarthome" gadgets, computers, software, lights, plumbing, installation and delivery, stoneworks, installation and delivery, and tapware.

The Buy Back Gaurantee become efective 12 years (or longer) after your original puchase. For eaxample, if you bought a kitchen from Weizter 12 years (or longer) ago, you are eligible for this Buy Back Guarantee.


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