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Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Bathrooms have become a very stylish aspect of our homes. They are a feature that can depict any style, era and taste depending on the owners. A lot of thought now goes into the function, look and feel of the bathroom space. One minor aspect that plays a huge role is that of the choice mirrors used in the space and the choices are endless.

A mirror which doubles up as a storage space, this can be very useful in small bathrooms. The mirror can also reflect your unique style; think outside the box with different shapes beyond the square, oval or round shapes. You can also mix and match different shapes to make for an interesting view. Or choose a mirror which matches the decor in your bathroom, eg; tiling. Also think of the way we hang the mirrors this is typically wall hung but a different approach could be suspended from the ceiling or resting on the floor; this adds interest and makes a style statement. The size of the mirror can also make a powerful impact in the space. A full wall mirror if the space allows can make the bathroom appear larger or even grander. Simple back lighting behind the mirror illuminates the entire room and creates a sense of sophistication. Multiple mirrors of different sizes bring a playfulness that can be used for kiddie's bathrooms. The vintage look is also quite popular and has a royal aura about it; if your style permits go for it. The double effect is quite stunning for his and her bathroom; bringing in a separation but linking through the same style mirror.

Ultimately the design decisions are left to you; and the choice of mirror can either compliment or spoil the look of your bathrooms. Be aware and careful of the style your bathroom is designed around. The mirror can be a simple aspect which creates a stunning feature within your bathroom whilst reflecting the beauty within it.

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