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Bathroom Vanities – Storage with aesthetic appeal

Bathrooms have evolved over the past several decades into a space that is used not only to get yourself clean, but a space where you can get yourself ready for the day ahead. Storage in a bathroom has seen a massive increase over the past years and is a must have in every bathroom today. The toiletry and cosmetic industry has boomed over the years and in today's era consumers are lapping up every bit of natural or cosmetic assistance they can get which causes a major interest in storage in a bathroom today.

Options for storage are endless, with combinations of open shelving, floating shelving, drawers and even cupboards being used. Although storage is important, a balance between storage and a minimal look should also be considered when renovating your bathroom.

Although there are tons of options in the market, often times a custom bathroom vanity is always better than something you can collect off of a shelf at a hardware store and the colour, design and stone options are infinite when you request a custom design from one of our designers at Weizter. 

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