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White kitchens with Wood accents

white kitchen with wood accents is a combination that will never go out of style. It has a timeless appeal and elegant charm; upgrading your kitchen this way is a great choice, both functionally and trend-wise. Whether you prefer modern spaces or you are a lover of the farmhouse style, a white kitchen with wooden touches will appeal to your aesthetic senses. Here are some ideas of white kitchens with wooden accents.

Balancing the brightness of white with the earthiness of woody accents creates a striking look. Florals and wood accents go hand in hand to create a rustic romantic look. Using a dark wood-toned canopy between white cabinets is a simple way to introduce warm wooden accents into your kitchen. Cozy and clean a dark wood colour will add contrast to your cupboards without hogging all the attention.

  Wood looks in just about any home, it gives a natural addition to the kitchen where it can become shelves, doors, countertops, and more. Since wood can take on so many different colours and textures (depending on the stain you choose), there is no one size fits all way to decorate with the material. Instead, there are tons of different takes on wood accents in kitchens

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Affordable kitchens

No family is the same and why should every kitchen be? Families come in all different shapes and sizes, from the carefree bachelor, parents-to-be, or a full house and everything. No matter what you are looking for, we can help you get it. Our easy process puts you in control so that, together with our expert kitchen advisors, you can settle on the perfect kitchen design for your household and budget. 

Designing a kitchen on a budget just got even simpler. See how teaming cheaper upgrades with savvy spending can deliver style and function in your cooking space. A budget kitchen does not have to compensate for a stunning finish that is equipped for daily use. We are here to tell you that a practical and stylish design can be yours for less.  

Whether starting from scratch with a whole new kitchen or updating parts of the room that look tired and old-fashioned, clever choices and nifty design strategies can ensure a limited budget goes much further, and you can create great results. All you need are looks to inspire and tips on where to find kitchen essentials that are kinder on your pocket to create a fabulous kitchen on a budget.

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Feng Shui in your kitchen

Feng shui is a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (chi), whose favorable or unfavorable effects are considered when siting and designing buildings. It is an ancient art of Chinese practice that focuses on arranging spaces to create a sense of balance and harmony.

The kitchen is one of the most important places in the house. It's where we find nourishment, where loved ones gather and it's one of the main rooms that can contribute to positive chi. Some important aspects of feng shui designs and the kitchen are related to location. Here are some important things when designing a feng shui kitchen.

One of the most important of Feng shui in the kitchen is to place the stove in the most commanding position. Being able to see the door while using the stove gifts control and power over the space while being able to see what opportunities are passing through.

Placement and layout are some of the most important elements of feng shui practice but there is also a sense of divinity in the details. Curating a flowing environment also comes down to decor, colours, and the things we choose to occupy our space. The use of calm colours can also affect the feng shui energy.

Hang art in the kitchen. This can be another way in which you can bring balancing colour and personal vibes. Be careful about which style of art you pick as the energy of that piece will impact the kitchen. Include wood features, deep clean your kitchen, and keep knives out of sight, replace broken and chipped items, these are just a few helpful tips to achieve a feng shui layout in your kitchen

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Retro Kitchens

Everybody wants their kitchen to stand out from the rest in their neighborhood. Why not consider a retro kitchen design? You will be glad to know that retro kitchens are back in style. The classic retro theme could help you make the most of the retro architecture in your home or even pay homage to your grandmother's kitchen.

Typically, retro refers to any period that is older than the one you living in at the moment. There are different eras from that you can draw inspiration when redoing your kitchen. However, there are certain retro eras that are more popular for kitchen design. The 1930s, 1940s and 1950s are all popular eras to draw inspiration from. By adding period pieces, displaying artwork, and using a retro colour palette, you can give your kitchen a complete makeover with just a little bit of time and effort.

Before you redo your kitchen or if you are doing a new kitchen from scratch, you will need to do some research to find out the different elements of design used in the era you are interested in. Although you could try to create one that is faithful to its relevant era, most people like to use just a few key touches. Make note of which elements you like. You can use colour, cabinetry, and other accessories together or you can use just one element and combine it with design trends from other decades.

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Home offices

In this day and age, just about everyone who has a job has to bring work home with them, in some cases, it is a stack of paperwork or work that has to be done from your laptop. On the other hand, if you are not office-bound, would it not be beneficial to have a dedicated area to sort out the household bills and correspondence? Here are some ideas for home offices that will help you to get work done while at home.

A dedicated home space helps you put aside distractions that might occur in your household and focus on work. This could also serve as a place for kids to do their homework or just a place to read. Whatever your preference, these are the most important aspects that a home office should have.

Storage should be the top priority in your home office design, this is to store things like papers, books, and office supplies. Surface space, so one has enough room to work on, deep drawers, and high-quality material.

  Your home office layout should serve your workflow and creative process, it should be functional but also reflective of the things that motivate you. Your work area should also be ergonomically sound. To give your work area a personalized touch, bring in family photos and travel souvenirs you have picked up along the way. There are many options when it comes to having an office at home so determine what is best for you and your family.

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Lighting in kitchens

Kitchens can be greatly enhanced just by adding proper lighting, in this day and age there are numerous colors and designs when it comes to lights, so it is vital that your designer guide you through the various ways in which you can place your lighting, Aesthetics can be enhanced by more lighting, either through highlighting certain aspects or saturating the space altogether.

Your kitchen lighting design should be based on three layers of light.

  • 1.Task lighting being the brightest of the three, this is to highlight your countertops, sinks, island, and any area where food preparation and cleaning occurs.
  • 2.Ambient lighting is much softer and is used to highlight areas like entrances and exits as well as walls and the floor.
  • 3.Accent lighting, in between task and ambient lighting in brightness, can be used to highlight architectural features or inside your glass cabinets to show off your fine china.

When you have incorporated all three layers you will achieve the right level of lighting in your kitchen. this also helps to minimize shadows which is often a result of the exclusive use of overhead lighting.

LED Lighting In modern kitchen design

Many choose open-plan kitchens. Do you want your kitchen to look warmer, more vibrant, or unique? It is very simple, just add LED strip lights strategically placed by your designer, to transform your kitchen, Remodeling your kitchen is all about finding a balance between ergonomics, aesthetics, and exclusivity. Proper lighting is what makes or breaks its appeal. Led strip lights combine convenience with saving energy LED strip lighting is definitely on of the must-haves of 2022 kitchen. Let us show you how!

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Weizter Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens can be perceived in many different ways. An example of a modern kitchen is a kitchen with two or three different colors incorporated in the door options as well as a mixture of 2 different types of countertops. This is called a 2tone kitchen and is used a lot in the 21st century.

Modern kitchens are also believed to be one without handles, which gives the client a sleek and elegant look, there is also a kitchen that consists of a handle called the gola handle which gives you the same look, but has to be placed correctly by your designer to ensure the modern look that the client is aiming for.

There's been a strong influence from minimalism, which is evident in the kitchen below. The long horizontal lines create an illusion of space when added with thin slabs of stone. Pure and simple design methodologies are at the forefront of the modern kitchen with an overwhelming focus on functionality and layout. Elegant inserts add an extra dimension to your workspace, making life in the "21st century just that bit easier".

Weizter can design and manufacture your own Modern Kitchen. Get Yours HERE: https://www.weizter.co.za/en/designer-products/kitchen-cupboards/modern-kitchens

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