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Buying a Kitchen from Weizter

In the process of buying a kitchen there are multiple steps and things to consider. For first time buyers, this guide will help put those steps and things into perspective. 

The first best part of the kitchen process is doing the design with the customer, as this is part of our business model. 2-3 hours of ours and the customer's time go into designing, measuring, curating, creating, a space for the customer to feel comfortable, with the most functional and practical kitchen that suits every customer need and requirement making it custom made for them within a specific budget.

Once the design is complete, the client is happy, the manufacturing process takes place – this taking (depending on the material chosen) can take anywhere between 2 – 10 weeks of manufacturing time which leads us to the next point

While we're busy manufacturing, the customer should be getting the space ready for their new kitchen, meaning, taking out the old kitchen, preparing electrical and plumbing points, breaking out any walls that need to be broken out. Of course with a guide given to the customer by us. Buying new appliances (that will fit in the design – because these appliances are what the design is centered around) buying new floor tiles etc, - although we prefer for the tiles to be installed after the kitchen, at least the square meters has been considered for the kitchen to be installed.

Now that the kitchen is manufactured and the space is ready to receive it, we need our team of installers to fit in the units, and get the stone measured and installed after a 7-10 working day period (because they are sourcing, cutting, polishing the stone before it gets to site) then only can you bring in your electricians, and plumbers to connect back the appliances – hob, oven sink/prep bowl. We, as Weizter don't hold any certification for these trades making it imperative to have those that have that certification connecting in your home. 

Once this is complete, you have a working kitchen and essentially after some minor adjustments, your beautiful new kitchen will fall in a 10 year worksmanship warranty. Although it should last much longer than 10 years.
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