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Truly beautiful kitchen design and good taste are always current, always relevant. Stunnining kitchens from Weizter covers a vast spectrum of materials, finishes and colours.

Granite vs Quartz

Your kitchen is made up of so many important parts, the boards making up the carcasses and doors, the handles, the taps and what we're going to talk about today is… the kitchen counter tops.

Many a client, when we ask them what countertop they are looking for, they usually answer with "marble" or "granite." Only the curious would ask what the difference is. Not knowing that they have more options than just the four I'm going to mention below – Quartz, Porcelain, Marble, Granite.

The main difference between the 4 is that 2 of them are engineered – meaning man made and the other 2 are natural – meaning they come from rocks and quarries all over the world.

When talking about the pros and cons on engineered vs natural stone.

Pros of natural stone:
- Although ill-advised, you can put hot pots on the counter but only for seconds at a time, the heat will travel to the weakest point making your stone weaker and weaker over time,
- The colour variations are endless
- Marble will stain and soak up that stain making it difficult to impossible to return to it's original state
- Your knives will become dull over time
- Expensive

Pros for engineered stone:
- Better at resisting stains than natural stone because it's less porous
- Barely imperfections when look at an overall slab
- Can be made to custom size and shape
- More brittle
- Expensive
- Less heat tolerant
- Colours are frequently discontinued

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Weizter Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens can be perceived in many different ways. An example of a modern kitchen is a kitchen with two or three different colors incorporated in the door options as well as a mixture of 2 different types of countertops. This is called a 2tone kitchen and is used a lot in the 21st century.

Modern kitchens are also believed to be one without handles, which gives the client a sleek and elegant look, there is also a kitchen that consists of a handle called the gola handle which gives you the same look, but has to be placed correctly by your designer to ensure the modern look that the client is aiming for.

There's been a strong influence from minimalism, which is evident in the kitchen below. The long horizontal lines create an illusion of space when added with thin slabs of stone. Pure and simple design methodologies are at the forefront of the modern kitchen with an overwhelming focus on functionality and layout. Elegant inserts add an extra dimension to your workspace, making life in the "21st century just that bit easier".

Weizter can design and manufacture your own Modern Kitchen. Get Yours HERE: https://www.weizter.co.za/en/designer-products/kitchen-cupboards/modern-kitchens

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