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Choosing handles for your kitchen

You might think choosing handles for your kitchen is easy, But if you think about how many times a day you will be using that easy choice handle or that they can effect your overall look and the functionality of your kitchen. Maybe just add a few minutes to your choice of handle.

Handles come in a variety of materials and colours. From plastic to wood, stainless steel, brass, chrome and even glass. Like all the different materials they also come in different shapes and sizes. When choosing a shape of handle, think about who might be using the handles. Do they have big hands? Then maybe a shell shaped handle is not for your kitchen. 

You want handles that feel good to touch, that is easy on the eye and looks strong enough to open whatever door it is attached to. Consider how long you would want to live with the kitchen and those handles to know what to look out for. If you want to live a couple of years, then maybe not go for finicky, small or even wick like materials. It will not go the distance. 

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