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Concrete Countertops vs Butcher Block

Concrete Countertops vs Butcher Block

When looking at kitchen or bathroom countertops for that matter, we have a variety of application that can be used throughout. 

In a previous blog we spoke about the 2 main ones used in the "war" as of 2022 – granite vs quartz. But there are more on offer that need not only an honorable mention but an in depth review so you can make a more informed decision before you get to the sales rep who will help design either your kitchen or bathroom.

The next weapon in the arsenal to look at is:
Concrete and butcher block countertops. These are used in more for a industrial modern type design style or even a country or farmstyle looking design style in the home, perhaps even the bathroom vanities.

They can be used to add a warmer natural feel into the kitchen. Which I would advise solely as an island detail as opposed to the entire countertop throughout the kitchen.

Pros for Concrete Countertops
- Its easy to manufacture. They can be bought or if you are very handy, you can make it a DIY project maybe to bond with your kids
- Reasonable
- Very heavy duty and durable

- It takes a minimum of 28 days to completely cure
- It cracks over time
- High maintenance – needs sealant consistently

Pros for Butcher Block
- It is very user friendly – you can chop and cut and slice directly on to the wood
- It adds an warmth to the kitchen, not hard cold stone
- Very durable if taken care of properly by sanding and resealing if and when its needed

- Solid wood prices fluctuate like inflation, making it inconsistent in pricing and very expensive
- Soaks in stains and water – the wood can swell if not taken care of properly
- Can withhold bacteria in the wood which can contaminate the food

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