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Corian vs Stainless Steel

When we think of spaces that have high traffic cooking environments – restaurants, commercial kitchens, catering kitchens, hospitality kitchens, I think of the most hygienic spaces. Although busy with traffic that countertops and areas for food preparation are by law required to be the most bacteria or germ free places.

This is where the last two countertops of our series comes into play:
Corian which is an acrylic and resin based product which has been around for many a year in sinks, making its way through into the countertop space in more commercial kitchens, hospitals and high traffic zone where no bacteria or germs can grow because of its no porosity.

A second favourite in the no porosity category is stainless steel. It is used majority in commercial kitchens in restaurants all over the world, in cafeterias, in grocery stores as well as hospitals because it won't harbor any germs that could grow and affect people negatively.

 Pros for Corian
- Stain resistant
- Bacteria resistant
- Many colour variations
- Can integrate a sink with the countertop making it seamless
- Easily repairable
- Low scratch and heat tolerance

Pros for Stainless Steel
- Heat resistant
- Easy to clean
- Adds value to your home if used for industrial design purposes
- Prone to water mark staining if not cleaned in time
- Dents and scratches easily

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