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Kosher Friendly Kitchen Design

Every client has specific needs when it comes to designing their kitchens; some require a certain aesthetic appeal, others want only high tech modern appliances, some want comfort and ease and others follow certain religious beliefs and dietary requirements. As designers we need to be well informed and educated to accommodate the varying needs of our clientele. Families who keep kosher follow the Jewish dietary law of Kashrut whereby foods are prepared in accordance; hence the need for kosher-friendly kitchen designs.

Kosher-friendly kitchen design requires a certain preparation and storage of foods. Meat and dairy products cannot be eaten or stored together. Utensils, cutlery, pots, cutting boards, and countertops that have come into contact with meat or used with meat cannot be used with dairy products and vice versa. Any utensil, pots, etc that come into contact with non-kosher foods cannot be used with kosher foods while the food is hot. Hence all cooking and storage is kept separately. Ideally one should think in 2's. Two sets of appliances, two sets of cooking utensils, two sets of dishes and two sets of storage. Basically designing two kitchens in one space and providing for every possible necessity. However, designing 2 kitchens in one space that still looks like one kitchen can be a bit of a challenge.

The perfect solution would be differentiating between appliances and cooking areas but still having one gathering point. This particular modern kitchen design is kosher-friendly but reads as one kitchen design catering for the needs of the family. Allowing for a coffee station, under-counter fridge, eyelevel ovens, hob, free standing gas oven, various concealed extractor fans, built in microwave, built in dishwasher, freestanding dishwasher, double sink, prep sink, free standing fridge, herb garden, various inserts and double storage areas. All following modern trends of matt grey finishes with marble tops and most importantly ample seating and gathering space for the family which brings the entire design together.

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