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Let’s take a look at why NOT to install a pot filler…

Pot fillers have become a new consideration when doing your new kitchen, Pot fillers, are taps that are installed against your wall between your stove and your extractor and it is quite elegant when you first see them. I, however, only see the disadvantages of using them in my kitchen.


As with all plumbing there is always the possibility of a leak on any tap, and when the tap is above your stove, I see that as a disaster waiting to happen. Let's not mention damp when there is a leak in the wall and the cost of repairing this…


When cooking and frying on your hob, the grease that is collected on the backsplash and pot filler is enough for me to say "no thank you to another gadget I have to clean" considering that I might only be using the pot filler when cooking large pots of breyani for Eid or Christmas… I think NOT.


Cost versus usage, is the cost of having a plumber chasing into your walls and backsplashes and tiles replaced really worth a pot filler I only use on these occasions.Maybe if I decided to become a chef and made big pots of stew and soups everyday it could be an advantage, maybe spending that money on a new fridge to store all my left over breyani from Eid and Christmas sounds like a better idea…

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