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Lighting in kitchens

Kitchens can be greatly enhanced just by adding proper lighting, in this day and age there are numerous colors and designs when it comes to lights, so it is vital that your designer guide you through the various ways in which you can place your lighting, Aesthetics can be enhanced by more lighting, either through highlighting certain aspects or saturating the space altogether.

Your kitchen lighting design should be based on three layers of light.

  • 1.Task lighting being the brightest of the three, this is to highlight your countertops, sinks, island, and any area where food preparation and cleaning occurs.
  • 2.Ambient lighting is much softer and is used to highlight areas like entrances and exits as well as walls and the floor.
  • 3.Accent lighting, in between task and ambient lighting in brightness, can be used to highlight architectural features or inside your glass cabinets to show off your fine china.

When you have incorporated all three layers you will achieve the right level of lighting in your kitchen. this also helps to minimize shadows which is often a result of the exclusive use of overhead lighting.

LED Lighting In modern kitchen design

Many choose open-plan kitchens. Do you want your kitchen to look warmer, more vibrant, or unique? It is very simple, just add LED strip lights strategically placed by your designer, to transform your kitchen, Remodeling your kitchen is all about finding a balance between ergonomics, aesthetics, and exclusivity. Proper lighting is what makes or breaks its appeal. Led strip lights combine convenience with saving energy LED strip lighting is definitely on of the must-haves of 2022 kitchen. Let us show you how!

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