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Make a splash..... with a backsplash

Playing around with colours are daunting, but that is why a backsplash is perfect. By adding a colourful backsplash to give your kitchen a pop, might be just what your kitchen needs. Or if you have a colourful kitchen already go with forever in style White subway tiles. There are many options for adding a backsplash in your kitchen. From covering only the wall behind your cook top or letting it stretch all the way to the ceiling for a bigger impact. The only way to do it is to go big and bold! Here are some ideas of how you can splash your kitchen up.

The forever in style subway tiles is sophisticated, yet elegant. It will give your home a Manhattan look and you will definitely feel like you are in New York. If sleek and subtle is what you are looking for then get your hands on subway tiles as soon as possible.

If you are not one for the sleek and safe side of town. Go to the industrial side to work up a sweat with a steel or the currently making its way back copper splash backs. The copper splash back might be a bit of a gamble, but it will look beautiful if you can pull it off with the right colours around it.

Mosaic has always been a big adder in a kitchen. May it be two rows of tiles or the whole wall.

Mosaic yourself. If you feel a bit arty and you would like to add a bit of yourself on the wall and have hours maybe even days to spare. Get off cuts and broken tiles from your local tile shop. Break it up some more and build your own mosaic wall.

Colourful antique tiles will give a bit of maturity in your kitchen and guests will think you are sophisticated enough to whip up a Crème Brûlèe in mere minutes. 

If you suffer mildly from multiple identity disorder and don't know whether you feel blue, green or purple today, then a glass splash back might just be your calling. By just taking it off and repainting the wall you can have 4 seasons in one day. As long as the paint dries quick enough.

 Don't like too many colors? Are you the type of person that believes in a plain and almost minimalist? Then let your tops run across the wall.

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