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Small kitchen design ideas

Have you found the perfect cosy home, in the right area or have you realised your current kitchen simply does not give you enough space? So why not work within this space and make best use of what's available. Depending on your layout you can redesign using the existing parameters to be functionally ideal and still aesthetically satisfying. Whether it is a single wall, u-shape or L-shape kitchen, every space can be designed well.

Planning is essential to a perfect kitchen and is dependent on what works for you. Create zones which can serve singular or multiple functions, for example your wash up and prep area can work as one; your cooking, coffee and microwave area as one; or your pantry, storage and cold area as one. The use of the right finishes and colours will make your kitchen appear visually larger than reality, so stick to light colour tones to bring an openness but don't be afraid to play with different patterns and textures, large scale appears greater to the eye, all applied in proportion.

The correct lighting is vital; a well light room will appear bigger than a dark room. Hang pendant lights if the space allows bringing light and different levels into the kitchen. Adding breakfast seating can double up as a dining area or even movable seating which can be hidden when not used. Removing wall units takes away the bulky looking kitchen but adding shelves to replace them will provide storage. Remember tall units require space and provide storage but keep them to a minimum or a single wall/ area. An island on wheels can be quite useful as extra work surface and can be rolled away to create space in the kitchen. Select slim-line ornaments and appliances to give you space.

Do not clutter! Always remember to keep it clean and simple. – "less is more".

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