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Smart Appliances 1.0

 What do we have now?

At the moment, we can only brag about basic functions generally considered intelligent, we haven't yet reached the level of what would be considered a clever kitchen but I'm most impressed with the happenings in the appliance sphere, they seem to be making the most headway in terms of bringing us closer towards the "kitchen of tomorrow". 

The dynamic they seem to be pursuing is heavily emphasized by spatial ambiance.

What is spatial ambiance?

"In spatial design, the ambiance of the space is generally created through the room's function, the aesthetic of the space itself with object elements, including the primal elements within that space such as the architecture, lighting, colour, and furniture"

An understanding of the space and how we interact with it. Exteroception is our foundation, using our senses to feel our surroundings and interact with them, playfully on purpose.

Now imagine being where you are, and feeling like the universe is conspiring to make where you are…well, perfect. That's where the "Smart Appliance" comes into play. It knows what you need when you need it.

The general approach, necessary to facilitate an intelligent integration, is in fact determined by the spatial dynamics of each individual node(object) on a network . Needs are directed by function and appeal to us through aesthetic blending. At the moment, the integrations are purely modern in design and would be visually out of place in a traditional or country themed kitchen...maybe that will change but for now we are working within a small spectrum of what's actually possible.

We are at the very early stages of integrating technology in our homes but the era has begun. I for one, am truly excited to be in a position where I get to watch this market grow,  marching onwards into the new future as the world around us becomes more complicated and a lot smarter, allowing us to spend more time on the things that matter to us most.

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