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Flooring for your kitchen & bathrooms

Clients come to us looking for a kitchen/bedroom cupboards, but we advise on much more than that.
Being interior designers and understanding a wider scope of information not just pertaining to the kitchen but the surrounds as well, always lends us to being able to advise on accessories, furniture styles and shapes and most predominantly, the flooring in the living space, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Regardless of the flooring chosen by the client, which we will get into shortly, we always advise the flooring to come after the units – bedrooms/kitchen for a neater finish. Meaning the flooring will butt up against the kickplate or will form part of the kickplate making it even neater.

Flooring that can be used throughout your whole house is tiling and vinyl wood look tiles which are the most impenetrable. Tiles are the most common choice because of its wide variety – ceramic porcelain or stone tiles are very hard wearing any kind of set up, also when looking at the excessive moisture areas in the kitchen its easy to clean, easy to take care, the only thing, it may need some re-grouting but that's a small price to pay for how long lasting and durable the option is for the kitchen. We use this also to tile up the kickplate which ensures there will be no moisture of any kind which will travel to the cupboards.

Just as durable and high in not absorbing water and ruining your kitchen/bathroom experience vinyl flooring which has had a huge revamp over the years. The click in planks to mimic any marble look or wood look will make the flooring installation much quicker as we as being able to do it yourself if you like going the di route. The only downfall for having vinyl in the kitchen is it easily dents and scratches.

New in the market is cork flooring which is waterproof. It is budget friendly, sustainable, war feeling and looking, has a spring to it (so if there is a large appliance that dents the surface, it can come back to original shape after a while because of its springiness)

When looking at the flooring of your kitchen product it is very important to consider the following.

  1. How you and your family live, your movements, how you function in the kitchen as a whole
  2. How easy would it be to clean, especially of you have pets,, young kids, a spill regardless of who makes it, this is a huge contributing factor as to which floor makes sense for your family.
  3. Cost and comfort
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How to Maintain a Minimal Style in Your Home

. Creating a minimal home is simple right? While maintaining that simplicity becomes that's a different story. Inevitably clutter appears and builds up over time but how we manage this is important when it comes to maintaining a home that is sleek and fuss free. One may love the minimalist look but struggle to maintain it. Try adapting these useful habits:

Habit #1
De-clutter the little spaces regularly. Doing a major spring clean can be daunting and time consuming, so we tend to put it off for as long as possible. A simpler and more achievable task is to target the various areas of your home, one at a time. Set aside 20 minutes to clean out a specific space, this way clutter is avoided.

Habit #2
Wash your dishes straight after you're done using them. Don't leave a sink full of dirty dishes, they pile up and create a mess. It makes sense to clean your dirty dishes as soon as you're finished using. This is more hygienic and avoids unnecessary clutter.

Habit #3
Organise your mail. We all have that spot in our house – the kitchen counter, entrance hall dresser, bedside table – where our mail inevitably piles up. Don't be tempted to sort through all your mail at the end of the month but rather go throughout immediately. That way you can throw away what you don't need and put the rest away for safe keeping.

Habit #4
Clear off counter tops. You can have the most beautiful appliances in your kitchen and your beauty products can be neatly lined up on your bathroom sink but if you have too many things on your countertops, your home will inevitably look untidy and cluttered. Organise your cabinets and drawers making sure there is a place for every item when you're not using it.

Habit #5
Only take in things you love. Do not buy just anything on a whim – ask yourself if you absolutely love it or if you will use it often. Think twice before making purchases and don't let gifts or other items stock up, if it is not for you then you should purge.

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Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Bathrooms have become a very stylish aspect of our homes. They are a feature that can depict any style, era and taste depending on the owners. A lot of thought now goes into the function, look and feel of the bathroom space. One minor aspect that plays a huge role is that of the choice mirrors used in the space and the choices are endless.

A mirror which doubles up as a storage space, this can be very useful in small bathrooms. The mirror can also reflect your unique style; think outside the box with different shapes beyond the square, oval or round shapes. You can also mix and match different shapes to make for an interesting view. Or choose a mirror which matches the decor in your bathroom, eg; tiling. Also think of the way we hang the mirrors this is typically wall hung but a different approach could be suspended from the ceiling or resting on the floor; this adds interest and makes a style statement. The size of the mirror can also make a powerful impact in the space. A full wall mirror if the space allows can make the bathroom appear larger or even grander. Simple back lighting behind the mirror illuminates the entire room and creates a sense of sophistication. Multiple mirrors of different sizes bring a playfulness that can be used for kiddie's bathrooms. The vintage look is also quite popular and has a royal aura about it; if your style permits go for it. The double effect is quite stunning for his and her bathroom; bringing in a separation but linking through the same style mirror.

Ultimately the design decisions are left to you; and the choice of mirror can either compliment or spoil the look of your bathrooms. Be aware and careful of the style your bathroom is designed around. The mirror can be a simple aspect which creates a stunning feature within your bathroom whilst reflecting the beauty within it.

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Herringbone pattern as an interior finish

One of the most important design decisions when it comes to interior design in the home lies in the selection of your finishes. Every room typically needs the perfect floor or wall finish which becomes a feature or compliments the rest of the elements in your home.

Whether you have a blank space, stuck in an aesthetic rut, want a subtle hint of texture or would like to add an exquisite feature. A simple go to that does not require much thought would be the herringbone pattern.

It is a simple arrangement of rectangles creating a v-shape similar to a weaving technique. It originates from the Roman Empire where they were used in building the roads and some even date it back to the Egyptian jewellery designs. You would think this "ancient" pattern has become a thing of the past but its beauty still intrigues the eye and creates a sense or texture and movement.

This old school design element can be used in a unique modern manner in living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms or even bathrooms. As a wall finish, floor finish, kitchen or bathroom splash back, furniture design or even on doors. Its effect can be manipulated depending on your style through your colour and texture selection of material. Solid, dark, wood grain or light airy. It can also be combined with other patterns or solid colours depending on your preferences. It is a great tool to add a feature in any room. "Art is pattern improved by sensibility".

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Concrete Countertops vs Butcher Block

Concrete Countertops vs Butcher Block

When looking at kitchen or bathroom countertops for that matter, we have a variety of application that can be used throughout. 

In a previous blog we spoke about the 2 main ones used in the "war" as of 2022 – granite vs quartz. But there are more on offer that need not only an honorable mention but an in depth review so you can make a more informed decision before you get to the sales rep who will help design either your kitchen or bathroom.

The next weapon in the arsenal to look at is:
Concrete and butcher block countertops. These are used in more for a industrial modern type design style or even a country or farmstyle looking design style in the home, perhaps even the bathroom vanities.

They can be used to add a warmer natural feel into the kitchen. Which I would advise solely as an island detail as opposed to the entire countertop throughout the kitchen.

Pros for Concrete Countertops
- Its easy to manufacture. They can be bought or if you are very handy, you can make it a DIY project maybe to bond with your kids
- Reasonable
- Very heavy duty and durable

- It takes a minimum of 28 days to completely cure
- It cracks over time
- High maintenance – needs sealant consistently

Pros for Butcher Block
- It is very user friendly – you can chop and cut and slice directly on to the wood
- It adds an warmth to the kitchen, not hard cold stone
- Very durable if taken care of properly by sanding and resealing if and when its needed

- Solid wood prices fluctuate like inflation, making it inconsistent in pricing and very expensive
- Soaks in stains and water – the wood can swell if not taken care of properly
- Can withhold bacteria in the wood which can contaminate the food

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Granite vs Quartz

Your kitchen is made up of so many important parts, the boards making up the carcasses and doors, the handles, the taps and what we're going to talk about today is… the kitchen counter tops.

Many a client, when we ask them what countertop they are looking for, they usually answer with "marble" or "granite." Only the curious would ask what the difference is. Not knowing that they have more options than just the four I'm going to mention below – Quartz, Porcelain, Marble, Granite.

The main difference between the 4 is that 2 of them are engineered – meaning man made and the other 2 are natural – meaning they come from rocks and quarries all over the world.

When talking about the pros and cons on engineered vs natural stone.

Pros of natural stone:
- Although ill-advised, you can put hot pots on the counter but only for seconds at a time, the heat will travel to the weakest point making your stone weaker and weaker over time,
- The colour variations are endless
- Marble will stain and soak up that stain making it difficult to impossible to return to it's original state
- Your knives will become dull over time
- Expensive

Pros for engineered stone:
- Better at resisting stains than natural stone because it's less porous
- Barely imperfections when look at an overall slab
- Can be made to custom size and shape
- More brittle
- Expensive
- Less heat tolerant
- Colours are frequently discontinued

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