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To the Kitchen with Love

For as long as I can remember, the kitchen in my parents and grandparents homes have brought me and my family together. Eating, laughing, cooking, sharing ideas and meals, lots of teasing and stealing of drumsticks (from my older cousins.) when I think of the day I design my dream kitchen and it comes to fruition, I'll be trying to harness those memories and more for my future family. I'm sure your experience of the kitchen is similar to mine. When designing and curating your kitchen we keep these emotions and feelings in mind. 

1. That your kitchen is personal. You will be sharing, passing down recipes to your children, spending time with them, showing them how to cook, watching them do their homework, have a quick breakfast/quick dinner.

2. There will never not be a reason why you go into the kitchen, a snack, a meal, a sandwich, sometimes even just to watch your parent cook, or gathering with the girls for a glass of wine, a meeting point, a "watering hole"

3. Not only will you be sharing and tasting recipes, this is where you will be practicing the meals to get right for the next family gathering at your house, the way to anybody's heart, really – not only a man - is through their stomach.

4. The kitchen influences your lifestyle – not only the healthier living lifestyle – as in are you making a salad or a fried meal. I'm talking about the ease of life based on how your family live. Is the kitchen making your life easier based on the practical and functional design, does it make it quicker to cook? Are there inserts for food organization, is there a flow of where you get your refrigerated items to the prep bow, to the stove? Is there enough storage? Things like these are a huge thing that aids to making the kitchen the heart of the home.

5. Its where you learn and see what love is and about.

6. If you are interested in a New Kitchen or you are looking for some new remodeling ideas that will transform it into the heart of your home, you can contact us.

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