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Handleless Kitchens

We think kitchens and the last thing on everyone's mind - after choosing the colours, the door profile, the style of the kitchen, the configuration and orientation of the cupboards in the kitchen, we think of the handles. 

When I say we, I say the client. 

This accessory used in and throughout the kitchen that could either make or break the look of the kitchen cupboards or even break the budget of the kitchen, we think of last. Which although can be a minimal item/discreet item/afterthought as well as the last thing on the list, is just as important as the style and colour of the kitchen,

When we talk handleless kitchens we're looking at two possible options; Gola system and tipmatic (push to open).

Gola System
The Gola system is an integrated handle system pre-cut into the cupboards. Cutting the handle into the cupboard as opposed to the door or drawer having a fixed protruding handle.

  • Sleek and seamless kitchen - aesthetic
  • Safe for the family – no knocking the protruding handles
  • Easy to use


  • Can get dirty, dust, grease, oil etc can get into the handle
  • You lose cupboard space
  • Expensive

Tipmatic or Push to Open
A mechanism where you push on the door panel and the door pops open (like a pen) you put your fingers in the open space and pull the door open.

  • Sleek and seamless kitchen - aesthetic
  • Safe for the family


  • Very finicky and it is much more difficult to set it up correctly
  • Very high maintenance as you will forever clean the doors from constantly touching it
  • Discriminatory against those with mobility issues
  • Not only must doors be pushed to open, it must also be pushed to close (more work)
  • After a mere few weeks, most clients get frustrated with these push to open systems
  • Highest chance of it not working after 3-5 years, requires the most maintenance
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