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How to Maintain a Minimal Style in Your Home

. Creating a minimal home is simple right? While maintaining that simplicity becomes that's a different story. Inevitably clutter appears and builds up over time but how we manage this is important when it comes to maintaining a home that is sleek and fuss free. One may love the minimalist look but struggle to maintain it. Try adapting these useful habits:

Habit #1
De-clutter the little spaces regularly. Doing a major spring clean can be daunting and time consuming, so we tend to put it off for as long as possible. A simpler and more achievable task is to target the various areas of your home, one at a time. Set aside 20 minutes to clean out a specific space, this way clutter is avoided.

Habit #2
Wash your dishes straight after you're done using them. Don't leave a sink full of dirty dishes, they pile up and create a mess. It makes sense to clean your dirty dishes as soon as you're finished using. This is more hygienic and avoids unnecessary clutter.

Habit #3
Organise your mail. We all have that spot in our house – the kitchen counter, entrance hall dresser, bedside table – where our mail inevitably piles up. Don't be tempted to sort through all your mail at the end of the month but rather go throughout immediately. That way you can throw away what you don't need and put the rest away for safe keeping.

Habit #4
Clear off counter tops. You can have the most beautiful appliances in your kitchen and your beauty products can be neatly lined up on your bathroom sink but if you have too many things on your countertops, your home will inevitably look untidy and cluttered. Organise your cabinets and drawers making sure there is a place for every item when you're not using it.

Habit #5
Only take in things you love. Do not buy just anything on a whim – ask yourself if you absolutely love it or if you will use it often. Think twice before making purchases and don't let gifts or other items stock up, if it is not for you then you should purge.

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Home offices in small apartments

2020 was a year like no other, for a lot of different reasons. A big one was the number of people finding themselves working from home for the first time. While it can seem like a simple enough transition, working from home presents a lot of challenges, not least of which is finding a dedicated space to actually do the work. In small studios and apartments, that task was an even larger feat, especially for people living in already tight living quarters. If you weren't used to working from home, for example, you may not have had a comfortable office chair or even an available work surface.

The number of people working from home has increased and the need for a dedicated home office space is slowly becoming a necessity. While some will have the luxury of an extra bedroom or basement that they can transform into an office, others will have to work with a much more restricted floor plan. Is it even possible to have a home office when you live in a tiny apartment, loft, or house? The answer is yes ... but you must be more creative.

Thankfully, ingenuity in the makeshift-work-from-home world was off the charts this year, particularly for the renters and homeowners below who were able to carve out room for home offices in small spaces. These small-space dwellers turned closets into miniature home offices, squeezed home offices in their living rooms and their bedrooms, installed fold-down work surfaces, DIYed desks, designed custom solutions, and worked with what they already had to create highly efficient work zones… that also looked great, too. Whether or not you foresee yourself working from home more in 2021, the ideas in this roundup will inspire you to take stock of your own at-home work and craft spaces.

Working at home is increasingly routine for office workers everywhere. But not everyone has a spare room or finished basement to convert into a home office. The good news is that a home office workstation can be anything from a cloffice to a corner of the bedroom or dining room. Even better, working from home means that you can decorate your home workstation any way you like to suit your personality and cater to what makes you feel productive and focused, be it bright wallpaper, a bunch of plants, ambient lighting, or soft and cozy textures that you wouldn't normally find in an office setting.

See whether any of the following ideas would work:

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Tips for your home study

A study room in the home reflects the personalities of the family members who use the space. It depicts intellect and should be designed accordingly. This space requires a quiet noise free zone to be created. The space should give a sense of calm and balance to its user in order to work effectively. A table and chair is a necessity in the space however; your table and chair should be customized according to your requirements. The correct height and size to suit; and a comfortable chair to improve concentration and increase work rates. These small elements are a vital part of the space.

Depending on how this space will function, many users require an endless amount of storage space. Storage can be both visible and hidden depending on your style preferences. Visible items would typically be stored on shelves whilst items your rather keep hidden or private may be stored inside cupboard units. A balance should be created by having a combination of both. Think of items that will be used most and have fun whilst organising your space.

Lighting in any space is an important factor and the same would be in a study area. Dull lighting will be bad for your eyes and concentration, so make sure the room is well light and airy. Too dim or bright lights can create barriers or glare within the space. Find a balance that suits your vision perfectly. A table light is also a nice feature that functions well.

 If your space allows create an alternate seating area, this becomes a nice feature in the room and a secondary space for seating. A reading bench by a window is a perfect example; it is quite popular and can be very calming. Wall finishes are also important. Generally a rule of thumb would be to go lighter on your walls and this creates openness to your space. A darker room tends to become intimidating and creates a resistance towards using that particular space. Don't be afraid to bring in a feature wall but bear in mind the balance you are trying to create.

Another pleasant feature is inspirational quotes or artwork and it can be used to motivate the end user. It brings in a feature element that adds life to the space and something nice to look at on those days you need inspiration or become a bit bored. A home study space is not merely about studying or work. It can be a playful space allowing you to relax as well. All the human sensory elements can be engaged to make this space comfortable and relaxing, from touch and texture; to sound and music; or smell and a fragrance. This allows you to take breaks between working hours. Designing your ideal home study can be super fun and a unique experience.

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Home offices

In this day and age, just about everyone who has a job has to bring work home with them, in some cases, it is a stack of paperwork or work that has to be done from your laptop. On the other hand, if you are not office-bound, would it not be beneficial to have a dedicated area to sort out the household bills and correspondence? Here are some ideas for home offices that will help you to get work done while at home.

A dedicated home space helps you put aside distractions that might occur in your household and focus on work. This could also serve as a place for kids to do their homework or just a place to read. Whatever your preference, these are the most important aspects that a home office should have.

Storage should be the top priority in your home office design, this is to store things like papers, books, and office supplies. Surface space, so one has enough room to work on, deep drawers, and high-quality material.

  Your home office layout should serve your workflow and creative process, it should be functional but also reflective of the things that motivate you. Your work area should also be ergonomically sound. To give your work area a personalized touch, bring in family photos and travel souvenirs you have picked up along the way. There are many options when it comes to having an office at home so determine what is best for you and your family.

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