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Modern Bar Design Inspiration

Almost every home has a bar area or entertainment area. And whether you are designing a brand new home or redesigning an existing home, the bar area is often a place to consider. It is a perfect space to entertain family and friends. It can be kept simple or luxurious.

The home bar has officially graduated to front and center in modern residential designs, and can serve a variety of functions for homeowners, interior designers, and architects. In addition to being a gathering space for guests, many home bars now serve as architectural eyecatchers in their own right and allow for the use of materials, furniture, and surfaces that would be out of place in other areas of the house.

Everyone has their favorite spot to enjoy a glass of wine or a shot of whiskey. For some people, that spot is right in the comfort of their own modern home bar. In-home bars can act as a central hub for entertainment, and can easily bring with them the fun atmosphere of a tavern or cocktail lounge. When browsing photos for minimalist home bar ideas, ask yourself the following questions to make sure you create exactly what you want and need.

I want to build a home bar. Where do I start?
First, pick a location. Generally, people will build a basement bar or corner bar in an area near the kitchen or dining room. If you are limited in terms of available indoor space, an outdoor bar is an excellent option, especially during warmer seasons. Once you have secured a location, decide on what functionality you want to include in your space, such as sinks, storage and refrigeration. This will help you with the overall layout of your home bar design, and then you can start picking materials and finishes that will coordinate with the rest of the space.

Do I need a wet bar or portable bar?
Including a sink in the functionality of your new watering hole makes it a wet bar. Sinks are convenient for home bars if you choose a location far from your kitchen. Don't need running water? You might think about going with one of the many portable home bar design ideas, which will enable you to conveniently turn any space in your house into a modern barroom or cantina. For portable options, try a fun bar cart.

What minimalist home bar furniture should I get?
Choose furniture that will coordinate well with the rest of your home's modern decor. Seating and storage are essential to home bar designs, so look for bar stools and a liquor cabinet of some sort. If you are creating a freestanding station instead of using existing countertops, you will need a bar table, which are taller and shallower than regular dining tables. Check that your stool and table height work together before you finalize any home bar designs. Once you've found all of the right furniture pieces, you can implement your favorite decorative elements based on the home bar ideas that inspire you the most.

How should I decorate my modern home bar?
Accessorizing is the fun part of finalizing Bauhaus home bar designs. Find a theme that you want to incorporate — think about what you might see at your favorite modern pub or alehouse. There are infinite bar decorating ideas to choose from, but don't stress too much about finding the right barware pieces, as these are easy to change out. Bottle openers, decanters, ice buckets, cocktail shakers and glassware are a few of the functional accessories to remember to pick up. Coasters, neon and LED lights or signage are all great home bar ideas that will help you achieve the Bauhaus look you want, whether it's a futuristic lounge or a historical saloon. Last, but not least, don't forget to stock up on your beverage of choice!

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Wine cellars

Wine cellars have become increasingly popular over the last decade, I have seen a rapid interest in wine cellars whether in a basement or as a room divider. Solid Wood has always been a popular option, however in the past several years we have seen a rapid change in opinion and chrome and metals have been used paired with glass.

Wine Cellars that are used as room dividers are popular as it serves as a functional space. When used as a room divider this can be functional as well as aesthetically beautiful. Wine cellars are popular as they can store a vast amount of wine bottles but not limited to wine, I have come across clients who pair their wine in the cellar with whiskeys, champagnes and expensive bottles of cognac.

While the traditional wine racks in a cellar are classical and will not date, I have found that majority of clients prefer to go with a no fuss simple design that is both contemporary and streamline, with hints of chrome, glass and accents of wood here and there.

Designing a Wine cellar can be challenging but at Weizter we will design the space to fit your specific needs and desires.

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