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Engineered Quartz and NEOLITH

The Rise of Porcelain and Engineered Quartz New countertops are the top feature most homeowners want in their kitchen. While granite remains popular for its look - despite its maintenance - other materials are catching the attention of homeowners. Engineered quartz are by far more popular than any other type of work surface. Engineered quartz is 97 percent crushed quartz mixed with 3 percent resin to create a nonporous material that doesn't need to be sealed like granite. It was the most popular countertop material in the South Africa after granite, and the No. 1 choice in the USA, Canada, Ireland, Spain and Australia.

But not everyone embraces the material. Not all people are not happy with them and seem disappointed with the matte finishes which are prevalent in the market. They show a lot of fingerprints and look dirty as opposed to the polished surfaces. Instead, Neolith, a porcelain material from Spain, has been gaining popularity in recent years. You can't scratch it, burn it or stain it, it is highly scratch and heat resistant with no cracking or discoloration. Pour zinfandel, hot chili oil, blueberry and nothing happens.

Neolith Sintered Stone slab is a trendsetting material that is redefining the future of interior design. With an extensive range of colours and finishes, Neolith is a designer product that has created exciting possibilities for interior decorating applications and exterior cladding projects. Innovative and endless design options, comprehensive range of colour options and combinations, attractive Matte, Polished, Silk, Honed and Riverwashed finishes. Countertop and panel cladding material available in the same colour for perfect continuity and a holistic look Resistant to very high temperatures. Stain resistant, hardwearing and durable, easy to clean and maintain and minimal seam joins due to large slab format.

Neolith is an admirable competitor when compared to common surface materials such as marble, granite, engineered stone and other cladding materials. The versatile colours, consistency, durability and remarkable size of these sintered stone slabs make Neolith the preferred product, particularly for large construction and development projects. Neolith can withstand much higher temperatures than most competing surfaces and the larger slab size means increased cost effectiveness and project efficiency.

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