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Tips for your home study

A study room in the home reflects the personalities of the family members who use the space. It depicts intellect and should be designed accordingly. This space requires a quiet noise free zone to be created. The space should give a sense of calm and balance to its user in order to work effectively. A table and chair is a necessity in the space however; your table and chair should be customized according to your requirements. The correct height and size to suit; and a comfortable chair to improve concentration and increase work rates. These small elements are a vital part of the space.

Depending on how this space will function, many users require an endless amount of storage space. Storage can be both visible and hidden depending on your style preferences. Visible items would typically be stored on shelves whilst items your rather keep hidden or private may be stored inside cupboard units. A balance should be created by having a combination of both. Think of items that will be used most and have fun whilst organising your space.

Lighting in any space is an important factor and the same would be in a study area. Dull lighting will be bad for your eyes and concentration, so make sure the room is well light and airy. Too dim or bright lights can create barriers or glare within the space. Find a balance that suits your vision perfectly. A table light is also a nice feature that functions well.

 If your space allows create an alternate seating area, this becomes a nice feature in the room and a secondary space for seating. A reading bench by a window is a perfect example; it is quite popular and can be very calming. Wall finishes are also important. Generally a rule of thumb would be to go lighter on your walls and this creates openness to your space. A darker room tends to become intimidating and creates a resistance towards using that particular space. Don't be afraid to bring in a feature wall but bear in mind the balance you are trying to create.

Another pleasant feature is inspirational quotes or artwork and it can be used to motivate the end user. It brings in a feature element that adds life to the space and something nice to look at on those days you need inspiration or become a bit bored. A home study space is not merely about studying or work. It can be a playful space allowing you to relax as well. All the human sensory elements can be engaged to make this space comfortable and relaxing, from touch and texture; to sound and music; or smell and a fragrance. This allows you to take breaks between working hours. Designing your ideal home study can be super fun and a unique experience.

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