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Unlocking Space: the natural progression of your kitchen!

The evolution of "your kitchen" has taken a fascinating approach in terms of how it started its journey to where we have arrived, at what would be considered your "current-day" kitchen. Without too much of an exaggerated jump in time, if we were sent back a mere 100 years, what would the typical kitchen look like? 

Generally, the space was created with one thing in mind, preparing and cooking food. Essentials took on a different meaning altogether. We didn't have use for the defined storage spaces we have today. Washing machines, dishwashers, and fridges were nonexistent features back then. They needed a large stable workspace, a place to store utensils & cutlery along with a stove and some rudimentary form of refrigeration, usually an ice box (apparently they had ice delivered every few days through the services of "Icemen", read to the end to see one).

Today, the kitchen has become the heart of the home, often, the first room people gravitate towards when entering and in my experience, it's always where the house keys, car keys and cell phones end up. Coffee makers, Tall freezers, Wi-Fi routers, "home telephones" (if they are even still a thing), and all sorts of unique nuances that ultimately develop the character of the space itself have to be taken into account when creating your space in the world today.

Most kitchens designed within the last 50 years have incorporated the peninsula or island element, specifically to create a space to entertain guests, whether it's them helping with the food, doing homework under the keen watch of mom, or just a casual friend enjoying a glass of wine, it's become an essential in most South African homes today.

Since time immemorial and with the  expeditious advances in technology, appliances have had the most prevalent impact, from a kettle that boils your water to a washing machine that cleans your clothes, a trove of appliances is essential and usually makes up a large portion of your kitchen, whether it's through functionality or cost.

The standardisation of cabinets was another huge leap forward, essentially countertops were installed at whatever height was comfortable for that individual. Nowadays, each arbitrarily defined section of your kitchen is extremely customisable, with an emphasis on subjectivity and individual functionality over simple reason.

Every aspect of your kitchen today is highly evolved, from the materials used, to the method of production &  overall installation process followed. Current layouts are defined through decades of improvement and thorough scientific understanding, every detail, every variation, and almost every single option has been refined to maximise efficiency and aesthetic appeal. 

Next time you make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, just reflect and think to yourself, how easy was that?

Iceman circa 1920
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