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Smart kitchens, integrated appliances & Intelligent space!

What makes a kitchen smart? Before we can answer that, we need to define the term.

If you define it through Google, a smart kitchen usually refers to something connected via the "IoT (Internet of Things) technology", Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. But if we got philosophical, we would determine the phrase alone as anthropomorphic in nature, so before trying to understand the relevance, let's look at the extent and functions the idea conveys.

Each area is defined by purpose, through a set of functions and actions. By integrating certain aspects, we can add certain conditions that enhance the purpose, integrations are the key, how connected is your kitchen?

  • Charging stations, wi-fi router
  • Smart appliances / SD hubs
  • Integrated tech (browser facility, calendar integrations, video call tech)
  • "IOT" - Iinternet Of Things

A metric that could be used, is the number of integrations able to communicate together, ultimately, how far your reach is and how automated the systems are. Indulge with me in a thought experiment  and imagine for a moment, you wake up and your coffee is ready, activated by movements tracked in your smart bed. You open the fridge that has already ensured you have the ingredients needed for your health goals to be realized. As you sip your coffee while looking at your schedule through a calendar on an integrated screen, Ding! That's your kitchen notifying you of the online order for the milk that is running low. Life's good you think as you make your way to the automated cupboards that have already prepared your outfit for the day... endless possibilities to make life easier and more efficient.

A few examples of how this could look:

  1. Access to the web - link your accounts and watch cooking videos on YouTube while you cook
  2. Ability to control certain aspects remotely
  3. Safety - prevention and enhancements
  4. Access control and surveillance 

For more information on how smart technology is finding its way into our homes;
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