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White kitchens with Wood accents

white kitchen with wood accents is a combination that will never go out of style. It has a timeless appeal and elegant charm; upgrading your kitchen this way is a great choice, both functionally and trend-wise. Whether you prefer modern spaces or you are a lover of the farmhouse style, a white kitchen with wooden touches will appeal to your aesthetic senses. Here are some ideas of white kitchens with wooden accents.

Balancing the brightness of white with the earthiness of woody accents creates a striking look. Florals and wood accents go hand in hand to create a rustic romantic look. Using a dark wood-toned canopy between white cabinets is a simple way to introduce warm wooden accents into your kitchen. Cozy and clean a dark wood colour will add contrast to your cupboards without hogging all the attention.

  Wood looks in just about any home, it gives a natural addition to the kitchen where it can become shelves, doors, countertops, and more. Since wood can take on so many different colours and textures (depending on the stain you choose), there is no one size fits all way to decorate with the material. Instead, there are tons of different takes on wood accents in kitchens

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