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Open wardrobes

Built in cupboards are not always plain and simple in any bedroom, they can add quite a lot of flair to those not seen by everybody areas. The flexibility of an open wardrobe means it can suit any space and what you want to store. You can put together your own combination in your bedroom, hall or even inside a walk-in closet or cupboard. It takes care of your things, gives you a good view of them, and you can add to it as your needs change. Open wardrobe combinations offer lots of options for organizing your clothes.

By mixing and matching different clothing storage — like drawers, shelves and rails — there are wardrobes for rooms of all sizes. Fancy creating your own open clothes and shoe storage? There are systems that have different parts that you put together the way you want. You get a personal combination that suits your space and your things, and that you can adapt or re-arrange whenever you feel like it. Your open wardrobe, made easy and elegant. Use open storage to put the clothes you love on show. With a custom-designed wall unit, it's easy to see what you have and find outfit inspiration.

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To the Kitchen with Love

For as long as I can remember, the kitchen in my parents and grandparents homes have brought me and my family together. Eating, laughing, cooking, sharing ideas and meals, lots of teasing and stealing of drumsticks (from my older cousins.) when I think of the day I design my dream kitchen and it comes to fruition, I'll be trying to harness those memories and more for my future family. I'm sure your experience of the kitchen is similar to mine. When designing and curating your kitchen we keep these emotions and feelings in mind. 

1. That your kitchen is personal. You will be sharing, passing down recipes to your children, spending time with them, showing them how to cook, watching them do their homework, have a quick breakfast/quick dinner.

2. There will never not be a reason why you go into the kitchen, a snack, a meal, a sandwich, sometimes even just to watch your parent cook, or gathering with the girls for a glass of wine, a meeting point, a "watering hole"

3. Not only will you be sharing and tasting recipes, this is where you will be practicing the meals to get right for the next family gathering at your house, the way to anybody's heart, really – not only a man - is through their stomach.

4. The kitchen influences your lifestyle – not only the healthier living lifestyle – as in are you making a salad or a fried meal. I'm talking about the ease of life based on how your family live. Is the kitchen making your life easier based on the practical and functional design, does it make it quicker to cook? Are there inserts for food organization, is there a flow of where you get your refrigerated items to the prep bow, to the stove? Is there enough storage? Things like these are a huge thing that aids to making the kitchen the heart of the home.

5. Its where you learn and see what love is and about.

6. If you are interested in a New Kitchen or you are looking for some new remodeling ideas that will transform it into the heart of your home, you can contact us.

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Buying a Kitchen from Weizter

In the process of buying a kitchen there are multiple steps and things to consider. For first time buyers, this guide will help put those steps and things into perspective. 

The first best part of the kitchen process is doing the design with the customer, as this is part of our business model. 2-3 hours of ours and the customer's time go into designing, measuring, curating, creating, a space for the customer to feel comfortable, with the most functional and practical kitchen that suits every customer need and requirement making it custom made for them within a specific budget.

Once the design is complete, the client is happy, the manufacturing process takes place – this taking (depending on the material chosen) can take anywhere between 2 – 10 weeks of manufacturing time which leads us to the next point

While we're busy manufacturing, the customer should be getting the space ready for their new kitchen, meaning, taking out the old kitchen, preparing electrical and plumbing points, breaking out any walls that need to be broken out. Of course with a guide given to the customer by us. Buying new appliances (that will fit in the design – because these appliances are what the design is centered around) buying new floor tiles etc, - although we prefer for the tiles to be installed after the kitchen, at least the square meters has been considered for the kitchen to be installed.

Now that the kitchen is manufactured and the space is ready to receive it, we need our team of installers to fit in the units, and get the stone measured and installed after a 7-10 working day period (because they are sourcing, cutting, polishing the stone before it gets to site) then only can you bring in your electricians, and plumbers to connect back the appliances – hob, oven sink/prep bowl. We, as Weizter don't hold any certification for these trades making it imperative to have those that have that certification connecting in your home. 

Once this is complete, you have a working kitchen and essentially after some minor adjustments, your beautiful new kitchen will fall in a 10 year worksmanship warranty. Although it should last much longer than 10 years.
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Kitchen Storage Solutions

Are you tired of having knives randomly thrown into drawers, plastic containers crashing down on you every time you open the cabinet door or struggling to find the what you're looking for? Here are some tips that might help turn your kitchen from messy to meticulous! Organization and storage is more than just putting specific items in certain drawers or cabinets. It's about affordable, modern solutions that can reduce health risks, improve food prep and make cooking and cleaning more efficient.

Pull Out Organizers
Pull-outs are perfect because all it takes is a pull of the knob or handle and you've got everything at your fingertips. You won't ever have to experience the discomfort of bending or hunching to dig into a small, dark space only to pull out the wrong item. This organizer puts everything on display, adding these to your home will make your life so much easier.

Drawer Inserts
Drawer inserts are amazing! You'll be able to find one for whatever purpose: cutlery, utility, spices and even cups. If you want it organized, you can make it happen with an insert. No longer will you struggle to open a drawer because there is a place for everything, and everything has its place with inserts! An insert brings a certain peace of mind, knowing that everything you need is exactly where it should be.

Tray Dividers
To ensure that your cabinet has a design for the most efficient use of space, think about the tray divider option as well. These are for your larger hard to store items like a glass pan, or the circular pizza tray.

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Is a white kitchen a safe choice?

White has been a regular colour of choice in kitchens for well over a half a century - year on year, white kitchens remains the biggest seller. It's a safe choice, it blends and it is always in season. But what will you find when you pull off some of the layers? One of the disadvantages might be a reason for you to look at other options. It doesn't improve with age like wine. When you have a painted kitchen, it will show smudges easier and scratches will give more character. Although modern melamine resist better, it will show wear after some years down the line. Other finished will also show wear later on, but with white it will be more visible.

How often do you want to clean your kitchen? White kitchens are higher maintenance as it shows marks quicker than a coloured or patterned kitchen. Also, should one cook or entertain allot in the kitchen. The cleaning will not only be the tops but also the doors. They are often seen as plain, cold, unwelcoming, simple and even unexciting. If that is the look you are after then it will be fine - but this can be complimented with colour accents in your accessories and ornaments. All is not bad. Part replacements can easily be done from just about all kitchen manufacturers - you don't have to go mad looking for the same white when adding something to your kitchen. White will always be available and has a way of blending all different whites. White also makes the space look and feel lighter and bigger. If your kitchen is a bit on the small side, bringing a white kitchen in will make the space feel bigger.

If you want to add some cabinets to your kitchen, you will most certainly find the same finish in a few years time. Because white is always in demand, it doesn't really discontinue. While an all white kitchen is a serious commitment. It still looks breathtaking. White kitchens will never go out of style, they're just not trending hard for a few years ... leaving you stuck with a dated colour a few years later. So if you're about to jump into a kitchen remodel and you're wondering if you should really purchase those white kitchen cabinets, don't be fooled, white kitchens will always be timeless. Don't ever let anyone tell you white kitchens are out because they're never going out of style. They're classic and timeless - add to this the cost to change when you get sick of the other current trending colours.

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Retro Kitchens

Everybody wants their kitchen to stand out from the rest in their neighborhood. Why not consider a retro kitchen design? You will be glad to know that retro kitchens are back in style. The classic retro theme could help you make the most of the retro architecture in your home or even pay homage to your grandmother's kitchen.

Typically, retro refers to any period that is older than the one you living in at the moment. There are different eras from that you can draw inspiration when redoing your kitchen. However, there are certain retro eras that are more popular for kitchen design. The 1930s, 1940s and 1950s are all popular eras to draw inspiration from. By adding period pieces, displaying artwork, and using a retro colour palette, you can give your kitchen a complete makeover with just a little bit of time and effort.

Before you redo your kitchen or if you are doing a new kitchen from scratch, you will need to do some research to find out the different elements of design used in the era you are interested in. Although you could try to create one that is faithful to its relevant era, most people like to use just a few key touches. Make note of which elements you like. You can use colour, cabinetry, and other accessories together or you can use just one element and combine it with design trends from other decades.

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Custom Television Units

The heart of your TV life is likely the living room. However, if your household is like most others, you probably have a TV in the bedroom, as well. Some people perch their TVs on top of dressers or side tables, but this isn't ideal. Attractive media storage is equally important in every room. This is especially true in your bedroom, a space that should be a calm and well-organized sanctuary.

To tame cords and keep TV paraphernalia under control in your sleeping space, opt for a sleek and attractive entertainment unit instead of furniture that was designed for other purposes. Even if your bedroom isn't large, there's always room for a compact and lowline TV unit to keep things stylish and sane. Whether your space is big or small, contemporary or more traditional, you'll be able to find a TV unit that perfectly accents it. Especially if you are switching from a piece of furniture that wasn't designed with media in mind to a modern entertainment unit, you'll be amazed at the difference. From a stressful and cluttered mess to sleek and organized sanity, a TV unit will make rotting your brain an absolutely enjoyable experience.

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Home offices in small apartments

2020 was a year like no other, for a lot of different reasons. A big one was the number of people finding themselves working from home for the first time. While it can seem like a simple enough transition, working from home presents a lot of challenges, not least of which is finding a dedicated space to actually do the work. In small studios and apartments, that task was an even larger feat, especially for people living in already tight living quarters. If you weren't used to working from home, for example, you may not have had a comfortable office chair or even an available work surface.

The number of people working from home has increased and the need for a dedicated home office space is slowly becoming a necessity. While some will have the luxury of an extra bedroom or basement that they can transform into an office, others will have to work with a much more restricted floor plan. Is it even possible to have a home office when you live in a tiny apartment, loft, or house? The answer is yes ... but you must be more creative.

Thankfully, ingenuity in the makeshift-work-from-home world was off the charts this year, particularly for the renters and homeowners below who were able to carve out room for home offices in small spaces. These small-space dwellers turned closets into miniature home offices, squeezed home offices in their living rooms and their bedrooms, installed fold-down work surfaces, DIYed desks, designed custom solutions, and worked with what they already had to create highly efficient work zones… that also looked great, too. Whether or not you foresee yourself working from home more in 2021, the ideas in this roundup will inspire you to take stock of your own at-home work and craft spaces.

Working at home is increasingly routine for office workers everywhere. But not everyone has a spare room or finished basement to convert into a home office. The good news is that a home office workstation can be anything from a cloffice to a corner of the bedroom or dining room. Even better, working from home means that you can decorate your home workstation any way you like to suit your personality and cater to what makes you feel productive and focused, be it bright wallpaper, a bunch of plants, ambient lighting, or soft and cozy textures that you wouldn't normally find in an office setting.

See whether any of the following ideas would work:

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Featuring glass in your Kitchen

Featuring glass in you kitchen might look like a daunting experience, but it can exciting. Glass can break the monotonous one colour doors looking the same if you don't want to go for the two tone look. Glass in a kitchen has been around for a long time and it will go away any time soon - it certainly have it's place in the old as well as new.

Here are some tips on how you could bring some glass to the kitchen. The bigger your kitchen, the more glass cupboards you can bring in. There are no set amount of how many cupboards must be glass. But if you want to make the glass a feature, it would have more aesthetic to only have a few.

Glass-fronted cabinets not only break up the monotony of repetitive, solid fronted doors, but they add both form and functional appeal to the kitchen design, showing off your beautiful dishware and ornaments. They can also create an illusion of depth in smaller kitchens, flowing light into, particularly dark corners and shining up those prized pieces. They are also a great kitchen idea to access everyday essentials in a clever manner allowing you to see what you have and where you've put things and are a bonus in smaller kitchens.

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Choosing handles for your kitchen

You might think choosing handles for your kitchen is easy, But if you think about how many times a day you will be using that easy choice handle or that they can effect your overall look and the functionality of your kitchen. Maybe just add a few minutes to your choice of handle.

Handles come in a variety of materials and colours. From plastic to wood, stainless steel, brass, chrome and even glass. Like all the different materials they also come in different shapes and sizes. When choosing a shape of handle, think about who might be using the handles. Do they have big hands? Then maybe a shell shaped handle is not for your kitchen. 

You want handles that feel good to touch, that is easy on the eye and looks strong enough to open whatever door it is attached to. Consider how long you would want to live with the kitchen and those handles to know what to look out for. If you want to live a couple of years, then maybe not go for finicky, small or even wick like materials. It will not go the distance. 

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Splash Backs - Adding Depth to your Kitchen

 A splashback is important in a kitchen as it helps protect the walls from greasy cooking splashes and other grime. It also adds to the overall look of the kitchen. Mostly located above the stove, you can also have one above the sink and above counter spaces where you do your cooking prep.

You should keep two key things in mind when choosing a splashback: cost and maintenance. Some materials are more expensive than others, while some require more care and cleaning than others. Will you need a standard-size splashback or require a custom-made one? What about plug point cut-outs and installation – all of this will add to the total cost.

Most popular materials

Stainless steel – Modern and sleek, stainless steel is low maintenance and easy to install and keep clean. It's unaffected by grease and steam, but acidic spills (like tomato juice) can cause discolouration. It also tends to show up fingerprints, smudges, scratches, dents and water marks easily. Choose from polished and brushed to powder-coated in a range of colours and shades, including metallic, sparkle and mirror effects.

Glass – A popular choice for its reflective qualities, streamlined look and flexibility, glass is also easy to maintain. Choose from plain glass to textured glass, matte, gloss, frosted, back-painted glass, or a panel with a digitally printed image copied onto the glass. Back lighting for your glass splashback can also be installed to highlight certain areas, create moods or draw attention to an image. Stained or fused glass designs can be made and installed by hand to produce a stunning effect – albeit quite pricey.

Tiles – Most tile types are cost-effective and easy to install. Choose from ceramic and porcelain, to mosaic, glass, metal or stone materials in many different shapes, colours, patterns and textures. They hold up well to heat and most are easy maintain. On the downside, keeping grout clean can be a bother and there's always the risk of cracks and chips over time.

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Ceasarstone Kitchen work tops (Part 1)

Your choice on what to use as a counter top or work top in your kitchen can be a conundrum, seeing that there is so many options to choose from, Caesar Stone is leading the way in the technology and development of engineered stone. Adding more value to any kitchen, or working service.

Since 1987 they have been creating quartz surfaces which are not only beautiful to look at but also exceptionally durable. Whether you're a professional designer or simply looking to create exquisite home interiors, their surfaces can be the starting point for your design and renovation ideas. With three diverse collections – Classico™, Motivo™ and Concetto™, you will be sure to find the look that meets your design needs, whether you're designing a new kitchen or luxury bathrooms. Caesar stone is also suited to more unusual applications such as feature walls, floors and stairways, or even custom-made furniture. They simply provide the tools for you to put your unique stamp on any room, and create an unrivalled and unique, interior finish.

All Caesar stone slabs meet the very highest international standards including ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14001 for environmental management. Every single surface meets American Greenguard stringent standards, ensuring safe indoor air quality. We are also certified by National Safety Foundation (NSF), certifying our surfaces are qualified for unrestricted use in the kitchen and food preparation environment.

With the knowhow and experience Caesar stone bring to the industry, its save to say that quality is a given. And is a must have in every kitchen. It is essential for us to assure you that your Caesar stone product will retain its functionality, beauty and give you pleasure for many years to come. Because your peace of mind is a top priority, we provide every client with a suitable warranty for every Caesar stone quartz surface product we supply. This means that we completely support our product and that we are always at your service to answer queries, solve problems and ensure you derive maximum satisfaction from your Caesar stone product. Warranties are provided by the exclusive Caesar stone distributor in your geographic area. Lifetime limited warranty on material installed in residential applications and a 10-year limited warranty on material installed in commercial applications. With a on line warranty activation proving that quality and security for any client at Weizter using Caesar stone. Is a bonus adding value to your dream kitchen. And giving you peace of mind to know you have been given the best.....

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How to plan your walk-in closet

If you're one of those lucky people with the space for a walk-in closet, the planning process can seem slightly daunting. You want this space to be functional and beautiful, and with so much space to work with you might not know where to start. Fortunately, we've compiled the best tips from our design professionals to help you plan the perfect layout for your walk-in closet!

Here are just a few key points to keep in mind:

  • Use space above the hanging areas for storing purses and folded items.
  • Designate top shelves as overflow storage to stow seldom-used items such as seasonal apparel and luggage.
  • Create a focal point by anchoring the space with a built-in dresser or hutch.
  • Use adjustable hanging rods to double the storage space and keep related items close together.
  • Locate shelving and hanging rods near the door to the closet to create an open feel while entering.

By keeping functionality at the forefront of the design process you'll create the walk-in closet of your dreams that's both organized and beautiful!
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Modern TV Cabinets

Wood remains to be the hottest pick among décor lovers and interior designers alike, especially when it comes to TV cabinet units. Wooden finishing confers a textural and visual contrast to the TV stand, blending well with the existing colour scheme of the modern living spaces. Also, wood being a tough material can stand the test of time, proving durability. Irrespective of whether you are a binge watcher or a movie aficionado, chances are high that you might need a functional TV cabinet or entertainment unit in your home.

When it comes to TV cabinet units, wood is the hottest pick among designers and décor enthusiasts. TV units crafted from wood feature visual and textural contrast without compromising the color scheme of contemporary living spaces. Wood being a durable material can stand the test of time.

You buy your new TVs with huge enthusiasm but often get disappointed to see it doesn't exactly fit in with your room décor. A television can be a huge, even clumpy addition to a space. So, you have to make efforts and make it blend with your room fashion without upsetting the feng shui. Discover some inspiring ideas which manage to place TV in your spaces with utmost style and grace.

Purchasing a TV stand can be a difficult endeavour at times. TV and media units help set up television, but scarcely do they get the credit for the purpose they serve. Modern TV Stands offer a variety of options when it comes to practicality and aesthetics. Some entertainment units are thin, while others occupy the entire wall, providing enough storage space. Better still, let Weizter design and manufacture your modern TV media centre.

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Wine cellars

Wine cellars have become increasingly popular over the last decade, I have seen a rapid interest in wine cellars whether in a basement or as a room divider. Solid Wood has always been a popular option, however in the past several years we have seen a rapid change in opinion and chrome and metals have been used paired with glass.

Wine Cellars that are used as room dividers are popular as it serves as a functional space. When used as a room divider this can be functional as well as aesthetically beautiful. Wine cellars are popular as they can store a vast amount of wine bottles but not limited to wine, I have come across clients who pair their wine in the cellar with whiskeys, champagnes and expensive bottles of cognac.

While the traditional wine racks in a cellar are classical and will not date, I have found that majority of clients prefer to go with a no fuss simple design that is both contemporary and streamline, with hints of chrome, glass and accents of wood here and there.

Designing a Wine cellar can be challenging but at Weizter we will design the space to fit your specific needs and desires.

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Ultra modern kitchen perfection

Vision by definition is the ability to think about or plan the future with our imagination. Acknowledging fellow designers and their designs give us the opportunity to learn, grow and gain inspiration to be implemented in designs for our clients. Vision designed to be showcased at Eurocucina 2018. A simple gesture creates a beautiful feeling. The fluid lines evoke user centred ergonomics and pure motion which lends itself to the movements of the user within the kitchen. The soft-lines contrasted with the vertical and horizontal lines appeals to eye, catching it at first glance. The concept encapsulates the necessity for a fluid dynamic space. Surfaces flow into each other and materials are kept simple and sleek. This immediately expresses a sense of clarity and sensuousness. Vision is simply a stunning kitchen masterpiece.

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Mirror Sliding Doors

While framed sliding doors with mirrors are much more expensive than melamine swinging doors with hinges, they're worth it in the long run. They add value to the house and there are many different designs in sliding doors that can complement the decor of the rest of the bedroom and the house itself. The most popular cupboard with sliding doors aside from mirrored doors are constructed from MDF which can be plain or routed and painted to suit the rest of the bedroom. The mirror sections are typically glass with a reflective layer on one side and for safety, and most sliding mirror doors are laminated.

Cupboards with sliding doors are simply moulded into the design of any room, and can choose from various designs and styles as well as finishes, and also sizes that will fit comfortably in the space with the right amount of storage areas for your needs. Also, consider that sliding doors can be a feature of any cupboard or closet in your house where you need extra storage. Subdivisions in your cupboards with sliding doors can help you organise your clothes and shoes and other accessories rather than letting them pile up in one space making them hard to find. Some cupboards come with extra shelving.

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Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Bathrooms have become a very stylish aspect of our homes. They are a feature that can depict any style, era and taste depending on the owners. A lot of thought now goes into the function, look and feel of the bathroom space. One minor aspect that plays a huge role is that of the choice mirrors used in the space and the choices are endless.

A mirror which doubles up as a storage space, this can be very useful in small bathrooms. The mirror can also reflect your unique style; think outside the box with different shapes beyond the square, oval or round shapes. You can also mix and match different shapes to make for an interesting view. Or choose a mirror which matches the decor in your bathroom, eg; tiling. Also think of the way we hang the mirrors this is typically wall hung but a different approach could be suspended from the ceiling or resting on the floor; this adds interest and makes a style statement. The size of the mirror can also make a powerful impact in the space. A full wall mirror if the space allows can make the bathroom appear larger or even grander. Simple back lighting behind the mirror illuminates the entire room and creates a sense of sophistication. Multiple mirrors of different sizes bring a playfulness that can be used for kiddie's bathrooms. The vintage look is also quite popular and has a royal aura about it; if your style permits go for it. The double effect is quite stunning for his and her bathroom; bringing in a separation but linking through the same style mirror.

Ultimately the design decisions are left to you; and the choice of mirror can either compliment or spoil the look of your bathrooms. Be aware and careful of the style your bathroom is designed around. The mirror can be a simple aspect which creates a stunning feature within your bathroom whilst reflecting the beauty within it.

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Luxury Penthouse Kitchen Design

A penthouse is a luxury apartment located on the highest floor of a building, which is usually a building located in the heart of a busy city. But the good thing about these apartments is that besides being located in the heart of the city, you get the chance to feel like you are isolated from the rest of the world, including the annoying noise and traffic jam. Penthouse interiors are always a reflection of style, luxury, comfort, glamour and sophistication. This is true for every room type, from living rooms and bedrooms to bathrooms and kitchens.

Today, we have made a photo collection of 15 Fabulous Penthouse Kitchens That Will Leave You Speechless for sure. You will be able to see how style, comfort and functionality blend together to create a perfect kitchen that every one would love to cook in. The abundance of space is one of the main features of every penthouse interior, so there is definitely a space for everything that you want to have. Also, another feature of such interiors is the natural light that the room gets from the big windows, which most often are floor-to-ceiling ones.

Another feature of these penthouse kitchens are the versatile modern kitchen bar designs with unique bar stools. They serve as a great spot for gathering and drinking a glass of wine or some cocktail. Besides the natural light that these kitchens get from the big windows, they may feature some LED lighting or there can be some impressive chandeliers that can steal the show. And of course these kitchens are fully equipped with the latest and greatest appliances and gadgets.

The color choice and the furniture designs can be versatile and they will mainly depend on the owner's taste. Some of these kitchens may feature a dining area too, but most often penthouses have separate dining room and kitchen. Scroll down now to see the rest of the penthouse kitchen designs that we have chosen for you today and choose which one is your favorite.

These were the 15 Fabulous Penthouse Kitchen Designs that we have chosen for you today and we are sure that they did leave you speechless. You must admit that you would love to have one such kitchen design in your dream home. Tell us in the comments which one from the above kitchen designs is your favorite and of course, don't forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other fascinating interior design ideas for your dream home decor.

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Kosher kitchens

Kosher kitchens go much deeper, but covering the basics of the kosher kitchen, this mean that the design of the kitchen is crucial as there are a lot of factors to keep in mind. One is that while planning and designing a kosher kitchen that for the next 10 to 15 years this is going to be a kitchen that will be used daily. Weizter keeps this in mind and we start the design and planning according to principles. The kitchen must be practical, functional, convenient, efficient and aesthetic. There are two sinks, two prep areas, (in some kosher kitchens if space allow it two ovens), two fridges, two or more cupboards for plates, two drawer cupboards and two or more pot drawer cupboards. With all the double cupboards Weizter do the lay out so that everything is within reach while preparing food. And most of all to ensure our client that everything will be according to the Jewish law when it comes to the kosher kitchen. Whoever choose Weizter to do a kosher kitchen can have peace of mind that, as we have the knowhow, solution and the ability to design and deliver a long lasting, value for money kosher kitchen.

At the most basic level, a Kosher kitchen is a kitchen that have two of everything. A Kosher kitchen origin is from the Jews and the kitchen have divided areas for certain foods. Kosher foods are divided into three categories namely: meat, dairy and pareve. Weizter know what the basic principles of kashrut is 'the total separation of meat and dairy products'. Meat and dairy may not be cooked or eaten together. To ensure this, the kosher kitchen contains separate sets of dishes, utensils, cookware, and separate preparation areas for meat and dairy. A third category, pareve, is comprised of foods which are neither meat nor dairy and may therefore be eaten with either. Here is the low down of the three food categories regarding kosher kitchens:

The category of meat includes meat, fowl and their by-products, such as bones, soup or gravy. Any food made with meat or fowl, or with meat or fowl products, is considered 'meaty;'' also called fleishig (Yiddish). Even a small amount of meat in a food can cause it to be fleishig. All meat, fowl and meat parts in any product, including items such as liver pills, must come from a kosher animal that was slaughtered, examined, and its blood drained off according to the dietary laws to be considered kosher.

The category of dairy all foods derived from or containing milk are considered dairy, or milichig ( Yiddish). This includes milk, butter, yogurt and cheese-hard, soft and cream. Even a small amount of dairy in a food can cause the food to be considered dairy. All dairy products require kosher certification.

Pareve foods that are neither meat nor dairy are called preve. This means that they contain no meat or dairy derivatives, and have not been cooked or mixed with ant meat or dairy foods. Eggs, fish, fruit, vegetables, grains, and juices in their natural, unprocessed state are common pareve food. Other pareve foods include pasta, soft drinks, coffee and tea, and many types of candy and snacks. Products that have been processed in any way should be bought only if they bear reliable kosher certification.
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