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Our success is not only due to the quality of our work; it's down to attitude, our approach, our work ethics and the way we treat our clients.

Weizter Focus


We have a 100% commitment to making all our projects the best they can possibly be, no matter what it takes to get there.
Weizter Passion


Our desire to produce good work runs deep – that’s what lets us handle every project with fresh energy and enthusiasm.
Weizter Empathy


While we share our knowledge and experience, we listen hard to understand your situation and your needs.
Weizter Teamwork


We are united with you in the drive to get the best from your project – think of us as extra members of your team with all the skills you need.

Unique Weizter Experience

Whilst the products of one company are similar to that of another company, it is the service levels of a company which really matters. Whilst most kitchen companies today supply adequate and mostly acceptable quality products, it is the service levels afforded to customers which makes the difference between success and disaster.

Far too many companies only focus on being product or price competitive and badly neglect the customer service part which by far matters the most. About 80% of all customer complaints in the kitchen industry are due to some problem with service delivery, communication and customer support. This is a sad state of affairs and untold numbers of customers suffer due to this - only discovered after the sale was concluded.

Weizter sets itself apart from other kitchen companies by providing more value added services to customers than any other kitchen company within South Africa. Since it's inception, Weizter have far outgrown competitors in service delivery. Weizter believes that customers do not only buy quality cupboards from a kitchen company, indeed customers also require high quality service levels in this modern era.

To this end and for many years, Weizter have systematically developed many unique, valuable and not found elsewhere, value added services for it's customers. Today, Weizter provides such a formidable package of value added service far beyond the capability of it's competitors, that it can best be described as a "Unique Weizter Experience”.

Weizter work in 5 South African provinces

Since 1993, we have been assisting clients in Gauteng, Free State, Limpopo, North West and Mpumalanga provinces. Together with clients, designs are created onsite by our professioanl designers. The goods are manufactured in our Boksburg, Gauteng factory and then transported to it's final destination. Depending on the distance, our cupboards are manufactured in flatpack or in fully assembled formats.

Affordable Luxury Cupboards

At Weizter we specialise in affordable luxury cupboards for all areas of residential homes driven by our passion for uncompromising quality and exceptional service. Your cupboard furniture is made to order using state of the art technology in conjunction with traditional joinery methods. Proudly made in South Africa using the best materials, your furniture is made to last. If you want it made the right way, choose Weizter.

Environmental Responsibility

We recognise we have a role in helping to protect the local and global environment and use a wide range of sustainable products throughout the product process. Our wood materials are all harvested from sustainable and managed plantations.

Weizter Sustainability


626 Trichardts Road
Eveleigh 1459
Boksburg, Ekurhuleni
South Africa

Call us: +27 11 823-1719



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