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Interactive Budget Calculator

Calculate your cupboard budget *

  • Simply enter the market value of your home.
  • Three budgets are shown - basic, adequate and luxurious.
  • The calculator covers various cupboard projects in your home.

Budgeting for new cupboards can be daunting. Sometimes all you want is a rough estimate to get a general idea about costs and that's exactly what our interactice budget calculator does. Our budget calculator uses your market home value as a basis to calculate what you should be spending on your cupboard projects.

Due to the uniqueness of your home, project, your likes and dislikes, this calculator cannot give you an exact figure. There are infinite possibilities, zillions of options and variables which will affect the exact figure.

*Terms and Conditions apply.


WhiteRedTickMark BlankSpace-20x5px Weizter started in March 1993.
WhiteRedTickMark   We have installed | completed well over 80,000 projects.
WhiteRedTickMark   Our designers are all tertiary educated Interior Designers.
WhiteRedTickMark   We have cupboard solutions for every room in your home.
WhiteRedTickMark   We do free designs and quotations in Gauteng.
WhiteRedTickMark   We do extensive consultations with each client.
WhiteRedTickMark   We have a 99.9% "ON TIME" track record.
WhiteRedTickMark   Quality and service excellence guaranteed.
WhiteRedTickMark   Fully equipped and modern factory.
WhiteRedTickMark   Latest design software and photo realistic 3D rendering.
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South Africa

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