A kitchen for entertaining

Love to cook while entertaining? Here are some ideas of how to plan for the perfect entertaining kitchen.

Beauty + comfort + functionality = Entertainment. Kitchen has evolved from work space to family space. So why not feel comfortable in your kitchen?

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Explore an open floor plan if there is space. Open plan houses put the kitchen at the heart of the house. It is seen from most angles of the house. You see it from the dining room to the family room. It is a place where the hosts can mingle with their guests.

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It makes sense to repeat design elements from room to room in an open plan house. Be it from tiling, ceilings and even lighting. Having a bigger kitchen that opens to other rooms to accommodate a larger island can make all the separate rooms look like one big room.

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By creating more work zones. It will make it easier for others to help if and when needed. Just make sure that each work zone has its own appliances.  

Good parties are all about flow. So when designing an Island, make sure to have about a meter on all sides of the island.

Kitchens transform into gathering spaces when they provide comfort and beauty. Create an atmosphere by comfy sofas, upholstered armchairs or bar stools.

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Are you tired of getting your fold up chairs from the garage for your extra dinner guests? Get a second Island or a banquette. A banquette could fit 6 people or if you throw on a few pillows it will be enough for two people.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2019