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Bars have always been a place for friends to get together and party the night away or for friends and family to get together to discuss past stories.
{Weizter} {Kitchens}The modern bar has combined glass, chrome and accents of wood to keep it natural. When designing a bar it would be important to make sure you have a water point and a basin to rinse glasses and keep the space clean. A bar should consist of fridges, water and a sink, as well as display sections for your priced bottles of alcohol.
{Weizter} {Kitchens}{Weizter} {Kitchens}Wine racks as well as glass display sections are also popular to display wine and champagne glasses or whiskey and beer glasses. Seating at a Bar is also vital as it is generally a space that would be occupied by friends and family that would group together and sit in that area.
Focal Points in the kitchen

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Wednesday, 20 February 2019