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Birthday Special

We opened our business in March/April 1993 and now, whilst we celebrate our birthday, we share an amazing deal with you. You can now purchase a Wusthoff CLASSIC 12 piece Knife Block Set at cost price. Yes, absolute COST price and ZERO profit - we do not make a single cent profit! For you, this means you can obtain a world class knive set for a fraction of the price you would normally pay. Instead of paying the normal retail price of R11,789.00 (or there abouts) - with this deal, you only pay R8,400.00!

Hop onto the internet, do a search for this product and then you will believe! Seach for: Wusthoff CLASSIC 12 piece Knife Block Set 9846.

Everything is included: VAT and FREE shipping to your doorstep (South Africa only). But you will have to hurry! We have limited stock and this offer expires on 12 April 2019.

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