Contemporary Melamine Kitchens

Contemporary style kitchens are popular due to the simplicity.  Bold solid melamine finishes work well with achieving a streamline design that does not distract the eye.  Melamine is also a great option when doing a stylish kitchen on a budget.

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Melamine works well with a contemporary design as the product comes in a flat finish and is finished off with either a 0.4mm,1mm or 2mm PVC edging.  When done correctly the glue line is neat and tidy and you can barely notice it.

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Melamines are available through various suppliers and at Weizter we are able to offer several Brand names.

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Choose Weizter today to make your kitchen a beautiful space in which you can enjoy making meals for the family, friends or business associates.

Modern Kitchen - High Gloss Finish
Featuring glass in your Kitchen

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Wednesday, 20 February 2019