How to choose a sink

A kitchen sink can be the making or breaking of a new kitchen which is why it has to be considered with care. It's also important that you take into consideration the sinks surroundings. People tend to use their dishwasher's as a means to clean their pots and pans rather than the sink, but don't think that you can neglect one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in the kitchen, the sink, if you do, you will probably end up regretting your choice. In order to get your sink just the way you like it, consider the following points that we at Weizter suggest: 
Material: When choosing the material of your sink take a look around your kitchen and see what colours are most prominent. Ask yourself a few questions such as: what colour are the walls, what material are the door knobs made of and what style of blinds and accessories do I have.
Size: The size of the sink is highly important because although you use your dishwasher for the majority of washing up, you may need extra wash space for when family and friends join you for dinner. It would also be a good idea to consider how many children you have in your home. If all of them want to wash their hands at the same time, you will be grateful for that extra space.
Style: What style of sink would you most get along with and which would look better in your kitchen? The choices that you have are either: inset, under-mounted or butler. Under-mounted sinks are fixed to the bottom of the worktop which gives you more worktop space which looks very slick and modern, but you have to be prepared for the fact that you won't have a side drainer. Under-mounted sinks cannot be used with laminate surfaces because you can't seal the edges of the cut-out. Inset or drop-in sinks are easy to fit; especially if you have natural wood worktops. Butler sinks are used in junction with farmstyle kitchens but be weary of the amount these sinks can cost.
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