Innovative glass box kitchen design

Innovative design does not only refer to technological advancement, a new product or new aesthetic applications. It also refers to a new way of thinking or approach to specific design restrictions and your response to it. These restrictions may be from your client or the space itself making you think outside the box.

Innovative design and ideas can be inspired by looking at existing design solutions. I have been inspired by this stunning kitchen which encompasses the notion of thinking outside the box within a box.

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Located in England the home owners required a renovation of an existing cottage whilst still maintaining the integrity of the structure. Hence with the commissioned designer they opted to literally add a new kitchen within a glass box which is an extension to the cottage.

The contrast of the glass box against the traditional cottage is unique and the kitchen design itself compliments the architecture created.

The red brick thatched roof is contrasted by the steelwork and glass of the box but the floor finish is the same, a continuation from the inside to the outside. This is a very subtle but effective link between both spaces. 

The kitchen design takes on a modern style whilst having a very homely feel. Keeping the kitchen design simple, sleek and functional the views are framed in every direction. White kitchen cabinetry is accented with a warm wooden top and this creates a relation to the beautiful garden surrounding it.

Modern design can keep its integrity and compliment traditionalism. Innovation and thinking outside the box can be a simple response or approach and is more obvious than one may think. In this case beauty lies in simplicity.

{Weizter} {Kitchens}

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Tuesday, 23 July 2019