Is a white kitchen a safe choice?

White has been a regular colour of choice in kitchens for decades now. It’s a safe choice, it blends and it is always in season. But what will you find when you pull off some of the layers? One of the disadvantages might be a reason for you to look at other options.

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It doesn’t approve with age like wine. When you have a painted kitchen, it will show smudges easer and scratches will give more character. Although modern melamine resist better, it will show wear after a few years down the line. Other finished will also show wear later on, but with white it will be more visible.

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How often do you want to clean your kitchen? White kitchens are high maintenance as it shows marks quicker than a coloured or patterned kitchen. Also, should one cook or entertain allot in the kitchen. The cleaning will not only be the tops but also the doors. They are often seen as plain, cold, unwelcoming, simple and even unexciting. If that is the look you are after then it will be fine.

All is not bad. You don’t have to go mad looking for the same white when adding something to your kitchen. White has a way of blending all different whites.

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White makes the space look and feel lighter and bigger. If your kitchen is a bit on the small side, bringing a white kitchen in will make the space feel bigger.

If you want to add some cabinets to your kitchen, you will more than likely find the same finish in a few years time. Because white is always in demand, it doesn’t really discontinue. While an all white kitchen is a serious commitment. It still looks breathtaking.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2019