Kitchen Trends To Stay With In 2018

Cooking space remodeling and upgrades are the projects homeowners most hope to take on in the coming year. With this they have to stay with the trend.

Get Smart

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A kitchen can’t be too techy these days! Hands-free faucets, fridges that remind you when to make a grocery run, and appliances you operate with a handheld device will become commonplace in ’18. Next up? Taps that deliver boiling water or even coffee!

Clever Storage

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With upper cabinets disappearing and nobody is really ready to give up tools and space, designers are devising hidden solutions to simplify and make cagey use of available space. These include deeper drawers, corner drawers, pull-out pantries, fridge enclosures, and roll-out trays and caddies, often with a particular item in mind (linens, cutlery, pots and pans—there’s a new slot for whatever you’ve got!)

Islands in change

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The island that changed from prep area to bining will continue to grow—literally—into the multi-purpose focal point of the kitchen and even the hub of the home, which is compatible with the increase in open-plan living. Islands in ’18 will be longer and larger, accommodate more storage and seating, and house more appliances.

Sinks with difference

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The porcelain and stainless steel sinks that ruled for years will make way for alternative materials like stone, copper, and concrete. Perhaps the newsiest idea is the composite sink, made of the same compound as counter tops (such as composite quartz or granite), which creates a seamless look and simplifies cleaning and maintenance.

Color Code

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While rainbow colors are still around, painted cabinets are moving toward subtler, darker hues like navy and plum. For appliances, dark gray tones with a brushed metal finish are supplanting stainless steel. One benefit to going to the dark side: These shades don’t show dirt or wear-and-tear as easily as bright, white, and shiny surfaces.

Flat Out

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One of the easiest ways to attain 2018’s new minimalism is with flat-paneled cabinet doors, as opposed to the raised panels of country kitchens. Flat panels can be super simple, with no visible knobs, or gain impact from a high gloss finish or clean-lined hardware. Sleek!

Rustic Recipe

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On the opposite end of the spectrum from glossy and glitz comes a rugged natural or industrial vibe. Think open shelving made from rough cut wood or pipes, bleached wood cabinet doors, exposed beams and finishes for flooring.

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