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Lighting can make a great kitchen look even greater

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary”- Aaron Rose
Lighting is one of the best tools within any interior space, used to bring out the finer details. The kitchen is not only a place to prep, cook and eat but also a place to gather and enjoy the company of family and friends; whether it is casual or formal occurrence. Hence lighting in the kitchen should be a perfect balance of task lighting and ambient lighting to create various moods desired. One should avoid the use of bright harsh lighting but rather make use of dimmable light fixtures as this allows the users to control the type of lighting within the kitchen and the ambiance created. There are 3 main sources of lighting to be use in the kitchen: down lights, under-cabinet lights and pendant lights. This will create an adequate balance of light in the kitchen.
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Recessed lights or down lights are suitable to provide general lighting. It is also great for tough to light areas or transitional areas like circulation spaces or walkways; it also combats glare and shadows and is great for task lighting. Under-cabinet lighting is not just an embellishment but can serve as both task and ambient lighting. It can be mounted behind the front fascia or recessed under the wall cupboard so it is not visible. Pendant lighting should be hung at roughly 1m above the counter and ideally over the island as hanging too many lights from the ceiling in other areas is not ideal. Pendant lights add a lower level of lighting creating a balance and an aesthetic appeal.
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A great feature which adds a modern appeal in the kitchen is lighting inside the cupboards itself. Another great source of lighting is natural lighting through windows, opening and skylights. This is the easiest form of lighting that can make any space feel homely and obviously bringing nature into the home is always a plus.
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