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Lighting in the kitchen

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Far too many people overlook a crucial factor  when designing a kitchen: the lighting, and it often comes as an afterthought in a kitchen remodeling project.

Installing the right lighting in your kitchen will bring out the best in your kitchen design, the food you prepare, and the way you feel when you are in this space.There’s no such thing as a “catch-all light fixture” that does it all: illuminates under cabinets, provides light over the island and gives cabinets a glow. Some fixtures will multi-task their lighting duties, but in order to choose wisely, the first step is to understand the three types of lighting.

1. Ambient lighting

2. Task lighting

3.Accent lighting 

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Ambient Lighting

This will be your main source of light, that point of illumination that serves to light up the entire space.

The main aim of ambient lighting is to provide a comfortable level of brightness without being too glaring or gloomy.Examples of ambient lighting include ceiling lights, pendant fixtures and recessed downlighters, and all of these can be used successfully for ambient kitchen lighting.

Task Lighting

The aim of task lighting is to highlight a specific space where a task can be completed, such as the counter,stove, sink, etc. Spotlights, either in the ceiling or against the wall, are one of the easiest ways to add task lighting to a kitchen, allowing you to adjust and direct them to provide all the light you need. Under-cabinet lighting is another example of task lighting, adding more illumination to worktop spaces and counter areas.

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Accent Lighting 

Accent lighting can also be used to highlight decorative elements, as glass-front cabinets, shelving and the undersides of worktops can be styled up with simple LED strip lights. The result? A glowing spot that draws attention to it without making it too bright.

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Regardless of which lighting sources you decide on for your kitchen, remember that precaution must always be taken with anything related to electricity, especially for areas like the sink. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you make use of expert lighting professionals and/or electricians when giving your kitchen (or any other room) a lighting makeover.



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