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Sleek and modern kitchen design

{Weizter} {Kitchens}
A conceptual design of a modern kitchen for a proposed luxury penthouse; this sleek design is brought to life through one of the very best design software on the market. This enables us at Weizter to create near photorealistic renders and panoramic views for every client to visualize the end result of their kitchen. 
Interior design is making the best possible use of the available space. And successful design creates liveable spaces which are focused around the client’s needs and wants. The look and feel as well as its functionality is balanced equally in order to create a harmonious design.
{Weizter} {Kitchens}
{Weizter} {Kitchens}
This design was created with that in mind; derived from a client’s needs list for a modern yet functional kitchen. Specific attention is placed on the work flow of the space, whilst still creating a sleek modern design. Two floor-to-ceiling glass windows which frame the kitchen beautifully determined its shape and position. The large island; where preparation and cooking can take place define the space with a coffee station and additional working area behind. Appliances which appear to be floating are zoned adjacent to the integrated fridge and pantry unit. A unique display area sits next to this and the island shape allows for ample seating space. The colour scheme of earthy tones and variations of grey was selected to have a subtle masculine appeal; matt finishes with stone tops.
Minimalist cabinetry, a neutral colour palette and metal accents created a sophisticated design where the beauty lies in its unique simplicity.
 {Weizter} {Kitchens}
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