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Making your Kitchen Eco-Friendly

It is actually quite easy to go green in the kitchen and create an eco-friendly kitchen. There are many elements you can control that helps to reduce your carbon footprint. A simple way to start will be to use kitchen utensils made from recycled or biodegradable materials. Look at the cleaning products you use, there are many products which contain toxins so it is vital that you read the labels and be conscious of the products you buy. Go for eco-friendly items that are good for the environment and your home. Look at your kitchen flooring, the recommended option would always be recyclable materials. One of the best options would be wooden flooring made from bamboo – it is green and it there are cost effective options available. Your kitchen appliances consume so much of energy. So consider replacing existing appliances or if it is a new build then be aware of the appliances you buy.  Look for appliances with the energy star label as these are eco-friendly appliances and have an energy star certification, it may be more expensive but you will save in the long run. Your kitchen countertops, typically recycled wood would be your first choice but recycled glass countertops are also a suitable alternative to quartz. And they look stunning – you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics to be eco-friendly.  Waste reduction in the kitchen – eco-friendly kitchens are recycling every day. It’s one of the simplest steps you can take toward sustainability.  A simple item like a pull-out recycling bin makes it easier to recycle even consider starting a compost pile in your yard. Creating an eco-friendly kitchen is a lot easier than you think and small steps go a long way and changing your habits will make a huge impact.

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Monday, 25 May 2020