Matte Black Kitchens

Matte black—it never fails to make a statement. It started as an exciting finish of your phones, laptops, and other electronic devices. Now, a bunch of appliances, luminaires, kitchen cupboards, and tiles come in this colour, and it’s a must try on your next renovation.A total matte black kitchen needs a source of natural light. Black absorbs light rather than reflects it. You need to balance the dark features with something light and airy. Paint the ceiling white, install skylights, and have walls of sliding doors. Those are enough to tame the strength of matte black, preventing it from becoming a design disaster.Not all houses have window walls or skylights that invite massive amounts of sunlight in the space to make a matte black kitchen work. You need to find ways to balance the colours in your space. Take the kitchen above for example. Only the upper cupboards and half of the splashback is in matte black. The rest come in light neutrals. This combination keeps the kitchen light and airy, despite the use of a strong black colour.

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The work triangle and work zones

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Monday, 25 May 2020