Minimalist Kitchen

Interior design trends come and go but one that seems to be here to stay is that of beauty in simplicity. This can be very difficult to achieve in ones kitchen but there are a few simple tricks which can help in creating a minimal kitchen. Do not duplicate - in the kitchen we find ourselves having the need for more, more kitchen accessories, more dishware, more utensils, and more cutlery. This becomes unnecessary; keep everything inside of the kitchen to a bare minimum only keep what you use and what is necessary.
Clear off the countertop – keep your countertops clean. When you not busy cooking up a storm do not storage any items on the counters. Keep it simple a beautiful vase or candle stand. One or two items “decorate” and reflect the minimal look.
Placement of appliances – appliances take up a lot of space due to its size and can appear to create clutter. Integrated appliances in the design help to counter act this or even under-counter appliances which ensure the appliances are out of sight are quite a nice addition.
Clean neutral colour scheme – your colour scheme should appeal to your personality but a neutral, white or lighter colour scheme creates a more minimal look. It is open free and relates perfectly to a minimal kitchen design.
Less is more – the less you throw into the kitchen space the better. Less is always more. Keep it simple and a minimal kitchen design with subtle nuances will add style and sophistication to your home.
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{Weizter} {Kitchens}
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Sunday, 18 August 2019